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Monday, September 19, 2005

TIME WRITTEN: 10:36pm, Sunday
MOOD: Not so good...

As you all may have noticed I haven't been updating for a while.That's because I'am kinda busy with school work and other stuff. This is why I'am leaving MyO.I realy don't have any time to update here and when I do..there's realy nothing to say. I will still post wallpapers, E-cards and stuff once in a while and I might come by to visit some of your sites and update here if I got something important to say or when it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or another holiday I'll come by to wish you all Happy Halloween, Christmas or whatever.

I will still be updating my website www.kiokunosekai.com and posting in my forum and other forums I'm a member in. If you still wanna talk to me you can always find me at my forum and on AIM, MSN, and Yahoo.

Well, that's all. Hope to see you guys soon. =)


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