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Saturday, July 2, 2005

TIME POSTED: 1:42am, Thursday

Sorry for not updating in a while.I had to restart my computer because it was messing up alot.I still have to install alot of my old stuff.Another reason is that I went to sleep over at a friends house for a couple of days which was pritty fun.I got to watch alot of TV and I got to watch some of my old favorite TV shows and stuff since I lost my satelite a while ago, as some of you already know.

I don't know how, but my older brother downloaded Batman Begins from a website and made it so I can watch it on my DVD player and yeah Batman Begins is an awesome movie.I also got to watch Kicking and Screaming which my brother downloaded aswell hehe.^_^

Well, now it's time for what you all have been waiting for.The answers to all of your questions in my last post.

nausicaa00-"What's your favorite anime character (male & female)? And what's your favorite food?"
That would be Itachi(from Naruto) and Kagura(from Inuyasha), and my favorite food is Rice and chicken.

Beyblader-"Ah, well, whats your fave manga, if its YGO, whats the next fave?"
Umm..I would have to say Naruto is my first favorite manga and then YGO hehe.^_^
ShadowHimura13-"What was your first anime?"
I think Pokemon or Sailor Moon.

Dark Sephiroth-"What is the longest you've taken on a graphic?"
Hmm..when I just make regular graphics like banners, avatars, etc. it only takes me about 10-20 minutes, but for website layouts it takes a couple of hours.

Shippo-souten-"What's your worst anime show ever?"
That's a tough one.I would have to say Ghost In the Shell..it just didn't interest me to much.

bebopinutrigun188-"Who would you have to say is your favorite band/singer?"
That would have to be Ayumi Hamasaki.

Inukid-#1: "What's your favorite anime couple?"
Sesshomaru and Kagura

#2: "What's your favorite anime quote?"
Still trying to think of a favorite one.

Joeyw23:"What is your ideal anime life??? (I've always wanted to know)"
My ideal anime life would be like in either Inuyasha or Naruto.

MokubaKaiba:"If u were to meet any person off the MyOtaku who would it be?"
That's a tough one..I would have to say Adam though, since he made this site..it would be great to know a good webmaster like him.

DarkKiba:"What is your worst fear?"
Umm..probably big bugs with like over 100 legs lol.

This are all of them.Hope you all enjoyed it.

Enjoy the new theme and I might be able to visit some people today..couse I'am going over to a friends house for most of the day.


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