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Friday, June 24, 2005

   Dieng from how hot it is!
TIME POSTED: 10:49pm

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I don't realy have anything new to talk about.I'am hoping to go see Batman Begins or Land of the Dead this weekend.They both look like good movies to see.

I rented Meet the Fockers and Hitch DVD's a couple of days ago and they both were realy good and not to mention extremely funny.^_^

My dad is restarting my whole computer right now because of some viruses and stuff.They were realy annoying.I'am using my dad's computer right now for the internet.I can't wait to get my old good computer back.

I also wanted to do something, Shanny did.Ask me any kind of question you wanna know about me and I'll promise to answer all of them in my next post and if you want you can ask more than 1 question.Thanks, Shanny for this idea.

Ok, well this is about it for today.I gotta get out of my dad's room before I get cooked like a chicken from all this heat.It was realy hot today and it's night now and it's still extremely hot.-_-

Se you all later.


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