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Monday, June 13, 2005

   I'am back!!!!
Time Written: 2:28am

Well it's been May 16 since the last time I updated here.Sorry about that.I was bussy with school, but school ended for me last Wednesday and that wasn't the only thing keeping me away from this place.I had to work on my other websites and forum too.I didn't realy have any time to talk about my personal life here on MyOtaku.

I might start to post here again.Sorry if I worried any of you.I did miss it here and I'am glad to be back.^_^

Umm...I can't realy think of anything interesting to talk about at the moment.I've been with a friend for most of the day.It's over 80 degrees here.It's even hotter than last year.-_-

Well I hope everyone had a good day and I'll try to visit you all today.


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