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Saturday, March 5, 2005


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For some reason he reminds me alot of Sesshomaru?O.o

Nothing interesting happened in school today.We are having a field trip sometime around spring, so on April and May we will be going to a camp to do some fun stuff like in any other camp.
I had my favorite subtitute yesterday in English class and I might have her again on Monday for Math class.I will also have a Science test on Monday and a Math test on Tuesday.

I have cable AGAIN and it doesn't have any good anime channels.This is the 2nd time I got this cable now, because my parents don't wanna pay anymore money for the sattelite.I guess there woen't be anymore animes for me unless I keep on annoying my parents for the next couple of days....months..years..who knows.>,>

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There are screenshots of Naruto episode 124 up on my Yugioh/Naruto site, yup my Yugioh site is also now a Naruto one.I'am realy obsessed with Naruto now.^o^

Welcome, bebopinutrigun188, and Goddess of Night to the Naruto Fan Club!

Hope you all have a good weekend...I know I woen't.


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