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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tiering day...

Thanks to everyone who has joined the Naruto Fan Club.We so far have 15 members.If you would like to join then PM me.I also made some new buttons and banners.They are below this post.
Yami Loni is the co-founder of the club.Sorry to the other people who wanted to be co-founders.I might ask for more co-founders in the future.

In school we had a sub in Science class, and in Math class.I was realy glad, as some of you know I can't stand my science teacher and my math teacher is ok I guess but I don't like her that much.
During computers class, we had to show our presentation we made on something called Power Point.I think I had that program before, but I don't know.

I currently have over 7992 visits, so latter today I'll probably get over 8000 visits, and I realy wan't to thank everyone who has been visiting me.I'm sorry if I don't always get to all of your sites.^_^

Oh and before I forget there are new wallpapers and e-cards up for you all to enjoy, and a new drawing of Naruto on my deviantART account.

Here are the current Naruto Fan Club members.

Karumichan,Yami Loni, JasonVoorhees725, LadyLenaJade, inuyasha311, Shamangirl6593, kagomeglitter1, Me Luv Kyo Kun, fox ressurected, nausicaa00, sakura hyuuga, AilahWolf, joeyw23, Queen of Anime, and MajesticWolf.

Hyuuga Clan: Welcome Sakura Hyuuga to the Hyuuga Clan.^_^

Hope you all had a good day.


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