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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Naruto Fan Club!

Thanks for all the great comments yesterday.^_^

I'm going back to school today.I realy wish I could have another day off.Nothing much happened yesterday.I was on the computer for almost the whole day.

I submitted some new Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist wallpapers, so check them out.

The Naruto Fan Club is now up and running.The club banners and stuff you can find below in my quiz results.This does mean you can send me private messages again, but only for joining the club.Anyother types of PM's like html help, graphics requests etc. can be done over email, not through PM's they will be ignored then.
I'am also looking for a co-founder of the club, so if you wanna be one then please leave a comment and I'll send you a PM if you get the job.
And if we get alot of members I might make a website for the club.
So if ya wanna join, PM me!^_^

Oh and thanks to everyone who has already voted for me in Inuyasha311's contest.If you haven't yet then feel free to do so if you wan't.


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