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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Stupid science teachers...

During science my Science teacher totaly flipped out on me.She said that I'am sick to many times, and then she said where I was on Monday and I said at home with a cold, and she said that I should make the cold go away...O_o jeez..I'm not a magician you know.I realy can't stand her, and there were a ton of other resons she yelled at me yesterday.
Besides that the half day of school was ok.

I don't have to much homework, but I did forget to take my science folder home wich had my test in it which I need to get signed, so I'll probably hafe to stay after school today for 10 minutes.-_-

I was also thinking of making some Valentines Day cards for you all over the weekend for Valentines Day, just because you all have been so sweet and nice to me, and it's ok if you don't make one for me.
These are the people who are so far getting a Valentines Day card.

Beyblader, bebopinutrigun188, brokenkokoro, chibi kia, dark phoenix, gray underpants, hisui, inuyasha311, britlaw, sesslover18,milkycat,and nausicaa0.

If I forgot you then please tell me and I'll add you.

Ja Matte Ne!


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