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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Realy fun anime day!

Screenshot from the last Dragonball GT episode.

Today I was mostly on the computer all day.
On the YGO site that I'm a staff member on that got hacked.Well the website is back up, but there are many things that'll need to be put back up, and for the forum, it's just fine, so most of my work on there should be done soon.

I got to watch all of my fav. animes today.I aspecialy loved watching gundam seed on Friday.I'm so glad Athrun and Kira are friends again.Rave Master was also good yesterday, and I loved DBGT themost.I downloaded the japanese version of DBGT the last epi. and I then watched it in english on Toonami.^_^lol

I also wan't to thank everyone for giving me over 6000 visits, and I hope you all had a good weekend.
Minna watashi o sasaete ite kureta ureshii. Iroiro arigato!
"It's wonderful to have had all of your support. Thank you for everything!"


[EDIT] Also, thanks for over 10,000 wallpaper downloads.^__^

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