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Friday, January 28, 2005

Anime News!!!

Screenshot from the new InuYasha ending theme song,"Shinjitsu no Shi".
For thoes of you who are wondering where Shanny is, well I heerd from Milkycat on deviantART that she was moving, and she might come back on Monday, and she's just fine, let's hope she comes back soon.^^And I posted some new wallpapers today.
Please keep voting for me in Azn Gurl's contest if you would like.

Now for the anime news.This is what I have found out from an anime website I found.

Adult Swim anime programming director Kim Manning disclosed some of Adult Swim's anime plans for 2005 during a message board Q&A session on January 20.

Cartoon Network has acquired the rights to broadcast the remaining episodes of Inu Yasha (episodes 105-167) but no time-line for their broadcast was given.

Manning explained that Adult Swim has no plans to seek the USA TV rights to Naruto or the Fullmetal Alchemist movie. Also, she confirmed that, due to inadequate ratings, they wonít be acquiring any more episodes of Case Closed but will keep rerunning the 50 they have already shown. She said there are no plans for Adult Swim to produce a 3rd season of Big O, and that they have allowed the rights to Outlaw Star to expire. She also said they still plan to air the Metropolis anime movie, the first 2 Inu Yasha movies and the Cowboy Bebop movie this year. The Bebop movie is planned for this coming fall but she didnít say when the other movies would run.

Now for an update about my YGO site.

Yugioh GX ep. 17 screenshots are now up on my YGO site.Next episode will be called "VS Yugi's Deck!Part 1".O___O

See more screenshots on my YGO site!

I decided to start putting up scans from the new YGO manga in japan Yugioh R.Duel 1 scans are up, click here to go to my ygo site.

Hope you enjoyed the news and updates.

Ja Matte Ne!


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