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Monday, January 24, 2005

Computer Day!

Yesterday all I did was stay on my computer.I got tons of graphic requests in this one YGO forum I joined a few months ago, but it was fun making them.

I also wan't to thank everyone who visits my YGO site, it just reached over 2000 visits.

I submitted some new wallpapers, and speaking of wallpapers I just reached over 9000 downloads and now I'm the most Prolific Artist and Most Popular one too.I thought I was never gonna have just as many downloads as OzymandiusJones, but somehow I did lol.^__^

Thanks again to everyone who voted for me in Azn Gurl's contest, I was in the lead yesterday and I don't know what the stats are today.

It's gonna suck going back to school tommorow since there is an Math and Reading test waiting for me.

[EDIT] Here's something I made with Photoshop 7, what do you think?

Ja Matte Ne!


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