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Monday, January 17, 2005

Thanks for 500 Guest Book Signatures!

I wan't to thank everyone who signed my guest book, I just got over 500 signatures in it.

Besides that I had an ok day I guess, other than my PC has been realy pissing me off since Friday, because whenever I start to go and visit some of my friends sites on here it's starts to mess up and it doesn't let me comment on their posts, so that's why some of you haven't seen me around your sites for a while now, and I'm sorry, but I'll try to fix my PC ASAP.

I submitted some art on dA, and I posted some wallpapers too.

I also bought a YGO card from Janime.Some of you may know her if you visited her YGO site.I bought E-Hero Flame Wingman, one of Yuki Judai's cards from the new series in Japan, Yugioh GX.
Heres a picture of it.It also has a pritty good effect that'll realy help my deck out.

Hope you all had a good day.

Ja Matte Ne!


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