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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

OMG!!! Realy Surprised!!!

Yesterday I was watching InuYasha, and wanna know something?They were new episodes..yup I knew they were gonna show new epis. in January.^__^

I had an Reading test yesterday, and I'm gonna have another one later on this week, and an English test.Theres also gonna be a Spelling Bee on Wednesday in the morning when I usualy have Science Class.
We are sappose to get more snow tonight and I hope we do,because I'm just begging for school to get cancled lol.

Well after school I just wen't on the computer, checked out some websites, made graphics, and submitted some art on dA, and one new wallpaper here on TheO.

This is all, so heres one of my fav. Chibi Marik and Yami Marik pictures.

Ja Matte Ne!

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