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Hey! how r u guys? I'm good, no surprize there! Life's pretty fun here in New Mexico, not because of the state i live in cuz it sucks but cuz me and Toki can be stupid and do dumb things and nobody cares! Yeah, small town have their advantages. I post as often as possible, and submit stuff, like wallpapers and fan art but the man always rejects them so as of now i don't have to many download-able wallpapers. but watev...
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Thursday, June 30, 2005

   WARPED TOUR 2005 KICKED ASS!!!!! read this! it may be long but its fun!
okay, let me tell you the whole story. So we left to go to Las Cruces on June 27th (Warped Tour was on june 28). When we got ther we found a hotel close to the field where the bands would be playing. We (oh, yeah, 'we' would be- Toki, Jourdan, Lincoln, my dad, and my brother.) stayed in the room for a while, then Tok's and jourdan went to the vending machines, i stayed in the hotel- when the got back they were sycked 'cuz two guys came up to them and were like, "Hey, were in this band, were like the only band partying tonight, you guys should come- were in the hotel next door, we'll be out by the pool." They told me then we all ended up going to my dad/brother/Lincoln's room. While we were there somebady knocked on the door- IT WAS THE GUYS FROM THE BAND! crazy, huh? well the were like-"You guys are loud, (then i think they remembered Toki's and Jourdan's faces) hey! are you guys gonna come to our party?" then they were talking about how he was this bass player in this band called The Skeptics, he was'nt actuallly playing at the Warped tour but he was gonna be at one of the tents. WEll, then they left but as the walked away, the one dood- the bassist- held onto the frame around the door and pulled himself back and said; "You guys are gonna come right?"
my dad said we could go if he came with us- that was okay though cuz my dad is cool. So, we went to get a bite to eat first cuz we were all starving- exept it was like, 11:00pm so we had to go to Taco Bell. On our way back we went to the hotel next door, but when we got there we saw about 8 cop cars and a bunch of cops putting people in the cars- we took off after that, i think they were busted for underage drinking. Well, anyway- we went back to our hotel and were heading in through the back door-thingy. In the back parking lot we saw a couple guys whith a big firework. they kinda looked like they would be in a band. My dad said 'hi' and BAM! were setting off fireworks with them. First, though, they introduced themselves- one was Justin, and the other was Kieth (he was GEORGEOUS!...sexy....watever- but he was good looking.) anyway, after the firework this security guard came, he was a nerd and did'nt do anything just warned us.
So, after he left one guy broke out with a huge firework, the guys were like, "okay, when this one goes off we gotta run, k?" So we did.
The next day we got up and went to Warped Tour. It KICKED ASS! We got there and me, Jourdan, and Toki went looking for the tent where the Skeptics were supposed to be- We did'nt find it though. So we wandered around some and Toki sat in the shade with my dad and my brother. Jourdan, Lincoln and i went to see more tents. (it was like 107 degrees there) Lincoln got caught up at some other tent while me and joe (jourdan's nickname) figured out that this guy sitting in a tent labeled 'Bleed the Dream' was the dood we set off fireworks with!
we walked up there and he remembered us! it was cool. We talked to him for a bit then we went to check in with my dad and get something cold to drink. then we went and listend to some music, stopping every once and a while to say 'hey' to our buddy, kieth at the tent. Me and Joe saw Fall Out Boy, and we were at the front and a little to the left. It was pretty cool- not my favorite music (at least it was'nt then), but it was still cool. It was like 3:00 by then. After that we went back to the 'Bleed the Dream' tent, they told us to come to there show at 5:15. Me, Joe, my dad, Lincoln, and my brother went to there show, but Toki COULD NOT miss her most favorite band of all time- the totaly screemo, all original...ish MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!! watever. well me and Jourdan got to be at the very front of the crowd 'cuz everyone was at M.C.R. except for about 20- 30 people. Their music KICKED SOME SERIOUS ASS!!!!!! now, i think, music is SOOO much better when the very first time you hear them- they're live. Well after that WONDERFUL experience- it was time for Offspring! The band i was waiting for. the band i had been waiting to see before i even knew about the Warped tour. The Offspring- the coolest band ever! Me and Joe got as close as we could but there were soooooooo many people! Just about everybody at the concert went to see them. Me and Joe were about 5 or 6 people from the front before the show started but then everybody started throwing bottles and stuff, Joe kept getting hit (i did'nt, cuz i was surrounded by tall people who caught all of them) but Joe got hit three or four times, so we took off, found my dad, got a bottle of gatorade, downed it and went to the right side of the stage and we saw Dexter Holland (the lead singer of Offspring) enter onto the stage. And i swear to you, we were at least 35 feet away from him! IT WAS SOOOOOO COOL!!!!! BUT, get this, we were at the Bleed the Dream concert and at the end of that,.....my digital camera RAN OUT OF GODDAMN BATTERIES!!!!!!!!!!!! i got two pics of Offspring performing- well, one of Noodles...i think, and the other was the back off Dexter's head- you can't really tell but--it is! The pics were taken on my phone so, they suck. After awhile me and Joe could'nt see a thing, so we went to Kieth's tent and they signed our cd's that we bought after we heard them play.(sometime before that we bought 'vans, off the wall' t-shirts and we got them to sign them, along with- Fall Out Boy, Atreyu, and Hawthorn Hieghts.) we walked up and Joe got her's signed first, when i got up Keith he was like, "What's your name, sugar?" it was cool, he called me 'sugar'!!!!!! yay! i told him, "Naomi, N-A-O-M-I" he put- 'Nami' then he asked me to spell it again, he tried to put the 'o' in there but you could'nt read it. He was like, "damn, i suck at this!" and scribbled out ther first 'naomi' he had written. i just smiled, he got it right the the second time. Well after we saw our friend we went to the Volcom stage where 'the Unseen' was playing. Offspring was still playing so there wer'nt too many people. it was pretty cool. When they ended we left. At the gate to get my dad saw this cool Warped tour poster and my dad told me to take it...so i did. it was cool.

well, that was my Warped tour 2005 experience. i'm gonna post pictures that i took when i charge the batteries to the camera, so in about two days. i will also post pics of the t-shirt i got signed and maybe the CD so you people will believe me! well see ya! oh. oh! and listen to Bleed the Dream, THEY KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!! (our buddy, Kieth, is the bass player/ back-up vocals.)
-eesa......yeah, i know, my name is Naomi, NOT eesa, but thats what Toki calls me!

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Saturday, June 4, 2005

Do you guys like the banners i made 4 Peibu? I think my favorite one is the hampster one! Well, i have officially become Peibu's campaign manager! So, if anyone is interested in a banner, just PM me!!!

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

try my cool puzzle! its not hard, i did it in about 3 minutes!

see you guys later!

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

i saw Star Wars- Revenge of the Sith last night, and it was bad to the flippin' bone!!!! Anakin goes dark, Padme has a baby (twins actually), and Darth Vader has stepprd into the picture!

it was a crazy-ass cool movie and if you have a chance to see it, SEE IT!!!! IT KICKS ASS!!!!!

picture time!



well i'll catch you all on the flip side!
-Eesa.....oh yeah, 'Eesa' is my new nickname!

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