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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dungeon Crawling Fool
Hey everybody!

I don't have much time or space so I thought I'd post an outline of my Dungeons and Dragons adventures thus far for your enjoyment! ^o^

All the Parts will be long so I will leave the post up for a few days so yuns can get an opportunity to read it all - thus giving me time to go and visit your sites! ^-^ *like I should have done a long time ago 0~0 sorrys ^^''*

Dungeons and Dragons: My Chronicles of the Forgotten Realms

The Characters:

Kato: A rakshasa from the outer planes who arrived at his village to find everyone slaughtered and the town in ruins. A band of men dressed in black lead by a large individual with a singular black mask, fled through a portal at his approach. Kato began pursuit to avenge his slain clan and his home and thus began his journeyK
He is a Ranger and Sorcerer. His real name is Chirs

The Drow: Drow society is harsh, but even dark elves need love every now and then. Our drow became infatuated with a human woman, whom he claims he never loved but did enjoy. A rival male drow found our boys love interest shameful; the idea of a drow with a measly human enraged him. The rival male and a gang of close thugs slew the girl and left her remains for our guy to find. In retaliation for his lost love, The Drow permanently bound a girdle of Opposing Alignment to the culprit, forcing him to go from Chaotic evil V to Lawful Good in an instant. A Lawful Good Drow cannot survive and cannot be tolerated in Drow society, so the man had to flee. Unfortunately for our Dark Elf, his opponent happened to be the first born son of an opposing drow house. The matron mother swore revenge upon our Drow and sent a death squad after him, forcing him to flee from his dwellings into the Underdark and to the surface world. The Drow hears of a man named Taggus in the city of Calaunt who can help him, and so he heads there with absolute hasteK
He is a wizard with a unique gift. His real name is PJ.

Tobias Moon: It was his birthday. All his family was present in his grandfathers elven estate and all was well V until a knock came at the door. The vampire spared no one in the attack- except young Tobias. Tobias was forced under his new fathers control and he was happy. But memories and free will do not stay subdued for long. Tobias stole an amulet from his master after he slew him, an amulet that would allow him to be immune to sunlight, turning, garlic and holy symbols. Unfortunately, it did not defend him against the stake that now pinned him to the tree in the center of a sunny clearing someways off a well traveled trade route. Tobias watches the people wander by K.and waitsK
He is a rogue spell thief. His real name is Daemen

Fisque-Ath Arika (Silmaria): Fire. Acid. Ice. Electricity. Poison Gas. Arika watches the five headed Dragon Godess Tiamat as each of her five heads unleashes a torrent of death upon the elven city of Evereska, and there is rage inside her helpless form. Her surrogate father had sheltered her in that city, told her that she was cursed and could not travel in the daylight, would let her learn nothing of dragons even though she was able somehow to read and understand their language. It was this lonely sheltering that made her wandered outside at night, wander to that quite tavern to see him. To see an albino moon elf named Kale Kalidan, someone she called friend, someone she trusted. He told her everything she ever wanted to know, he was everything she ever wanted in a friend and companion. And he betrayed Evereska, and he betrayed her to the wrath of Tiamat V the Chromatic Goddess of Evil. Arika knew Tiamat had ventured to Evereska because of her but she knew not why she would be so important to the evil goddess V but it was her fathers last wordsKSee the Wyrm Slayer in Callaunt V he is the only one who can help you nowK as he died in her arms. Arika fled the city and wandered the wilderness finally happening upon a band of warpriests lead by a firey avatar V an avatar of Tempus the Chaotic Neutral God of War. The night Arika snuck into their camp and challenged the avatar to a friendly duel for membership in their numbers. The avatar easily beat her but found something interesting about the odd elf girl and agreed to accept her as a fighter cleric of Tempus. After several weeks traveling with the band and learning that ways of her new diety, Arika headed for the city of Callaunt to finish what she started and seek the Wyrm Slayer and hopefully find out the answers to her shadowed pastK
She is a Cleric of Tempus. ^-^ SERRAFINA

Varkayis (Shadow Blade) : A half shadow dragon, half moon elf, Varkayis is the son of Kale Kalidan. He grew up under Kales wicked gaze and in the shadow of his Grandmother, Tiamat herself, surrounded by the members of her church: The Church of the Dragon. Kale did all he could to rear the child for evil, but Varkayis resisted him oddly enough. Kale and Tiamat allowed Varkayis to escape from the church hoping that his travels would allow him to see how corrupt mortals are and then welcome him back into the fold when he is ready. Varkayis sets out alone in a world he knows little of in search of the identity of his mother, his heritage and himselfK
He is a Hexblade, a fighter who can cast unholy curse spells much like a sorcerer. His real name is Manny.

The Story Thus Far:
Kato, Arika and the Drow all head into the city of Callaunt and are told to head to a place called The Bar
Kato and Arika enter around the same time and meet a large elf named Maglin and his red haired moon elf companion awaiting the holographic image of the Wyrm slayer to come alive whenever the he returns to his favored table in the darkened corner of The Bar
The Drow heads down an alleyway towards the bar and catches a drow child trying to steal his purse this child turns out to be none other than Taggus himself, and he instructs the drow to head inside the Bar and speak to Mithrir, the Wyrm Slayer
As the drow enters he nearly assails the barkeep to find Mithrir but is warned by Maglin against it. The barkeep tells him that the image he sees at the table isnt him and he wouldnt suggest trying to speak to it. The drow ignores him and insists at the old mans table only to hit the floor laughing uncontrollably from a giggling curse.
Mithrirs image comes to life and he calls Maglin and the group over to him
Mithrir tells Kato that the man probably responsible for destroying his village is the leader of a ruthless group of business merchants known as the Zhentarum. Their leader is called Manshoon, the black masked.
Mithrir tells the drow that Taggus can weave and enchantment spell so powerful around him that no one can detect him magically and everyone will see him as a nondescript human in return for a few favors and loyalty to the Wyrm Slayer and his ends. The Drow agrees.
Mithrir tells Arika that the answers she seeks will be revealed on her journey. But he notes that the strange white-blue crystals near her eyes are not jewels V but scales and will say nothing more.
Since the group is looking for a purpose and has nothing else to do or any place to go. Mithrir send the party on their first quest. The city of Northgate, east of Callaunt, is under siege from a terrible unknown force that strikes at night V the group is to investigate and eliminate the problem if possible.
After spending the night in the bar, each of the party has a strange dream. Arika envisions Bahamut, the Dragon God of Benevolent Dragons telling her that her story is all wrong. Kato remembers the black masked man and the Drow sees a woman telling her to seek the one called Divir.
The next day, Maglin takes them to see Smitty, the weapons and armor master in the City to get them all gear and things that they will need for their adventure.
The group heads out to the City of Northgate and along the way pass by a clearing hoping to stop and rest there- only to see an elf hanging to a tree, a stake through his heart.
Arika and the Rakshasa smell the evil taint of undeath upon him and are wary of the body intent on simply leaving it there- when the Drow walks right up to the corpse and removes the stake.
Tobias moon instatntly mists forms away from the tree behind the party members V and after politely introducing himself, explains that he has no intention of doing them harm and would very much like to aid them in their journey.
Suddenly a group of Kobolds attack and arrows fly. The group successfully takes out the archers and then individually chases down the fleeing lizardmen. Arika slays the last alone in the woods as he flees from her and in her excitement suddenly finds herself breathingKcoldKthat weird feeling returns as her body seems to turn to ice, but she covers her mouth and slows her breathing and her breath returns to normal.
The party reaches Northgate near sunset and finds the city nearly nothing more than rubble, the only structure halfway standing is a lonely temple to a lost goddess.
At first the townsfolk are wary of the party, what is left of them anyway, and Arika presents them the greatsword that Smitty made for her as proof of their merit.
The villagers tell the party that the attacks happen only when the villagers are asleep, when they awaken they find horribly mutilated bodies and their building in ruins. No one has seen what has done this and any witness is dead before dawn.
The party sets up a watch around the temple as the villagers hold up inside. The vampire Tobias says that he will take the first watch.
When the party falls asleep, the vampire creeps to the Drows sleeping hole and places a dagger to his throat. Tobias wants to know why the other party members trust the Drows presence and why he has hooked up with those not of his kind in the surface world and fled from his safe haven in the Underdark. As the drow begins to tell the vampire off a fog rolls inK
The vampire rouses the rest of the party as the fog reaches a height of two stories at best and engulfs the entire city. The party attempts to rouse the villagers and finds that they have been enchanted to sleep until the fog lifts. Alone the party watches all night, but nothing odd occurs and there are no attacks.
The next morning the villagers awake and the party tells of the fog, the villagers mention that they have noticed strange tracks on a path that leads to an abandoned mine not far from Northgate- the same direction that the fog came from
The party goes to investigate
In the first room of the mine Arika is assailed by a darkmantle (think squid that hangs from the ceiling) as soon as she enters the room. Tobias and the Rakshasa are caught in the darkness spell the Darkmantle casts as it falls as they lunge into the room to save her. The Drow leans against the passageway outside and watches the darkness with a wicked smile as he listens to the sounds within.
Arika slays the darkmantle attacking her and Tobias finishes off the other hanging in the ceiling and the party heals themselves and finds a mysterious well with intricate carvings around its basin.
The party moves on and encounters nothing else in the lonely passages but Arika and Kato feel as if they are being watched all the whileKuntil they reach a large heavy wooden door, big enough to fit a small caravan through.
The party enters to find a well lit study that seems several sizes too large for human sized creatures and they begin to rove around the bookshelves
Thats when sounds, heavy footsteps, thump from behind a door in the far wall.
The party hides and scatters as the door opens Vand an Ogre Mage steps through, he chuckles at them curious as to why they hide from him when he already knows that they are there.
Arika steps out from behind her shelf and greets the ogre. The party becomes acquainted with Four Eyes, an ogre who attended mage school with Mithrir a long time ago and is his personal friend. He tells the party that a red dragon has taken up shop within the deeper parts of the mine and hass been ransacking Northgate because it believes that a piece of the Rod of Seven parts lies hidden in an ancient temple beneath the city.
Four Eyes tells them that the Rod of Seven Parts is an ancient artifact that was created before the time of times and that anyone wielding the Rod can turn any God instantly mortal with a single strike. An insane archmage vying for magical power many centuries ago, took the Rod of Seven Parts and using a magical ritual that required the blood of a Rakshasa Lord, used these things and his own power against Mystril the goddess of magic V sundered her divine form and then attempted to steal her essence and take control of the weave that controls all magic within the realms. The result of a mortal mind attempting to control the weave was devastating, causing the fall of the great floating cities of Netheril, the near destruction of the weave and the very unraveling of the realms themselves. But the other gods did not stand by idily; they attacked the archmage retook Mystrils essence and placed it within a new body creating Mystra. The fate of the archmage was terrible as Mystra and the other gods scrambled to put the weave and the realms back together before any serious permanent damage was done. The gods took the Rod of Seven parts and broke it down scattering it across the planes and realms hoping that none would ever seek its power againK
Four Eyes tells the group that if they are to help the villagers, they must evacuate the city and return to Mithrir and seek his advice on what to do about the Red wyrm, since their party does not have the skill nor the power to defeat the dragon.
As the party goes to leave, Four Eyes stops Arika and asks to look at her more closely, after some squinting through his glasses and rubbing his chin as he mumbles, Four Eyes is certain that what the recognized is true- Arika is a half-dragon. Although the scales around her eyes, beautiful as gems as they are, do not resemble those of any dragon he has come across in his studies. When he hears that Tiamat destroyed Evereska because of her, he raises an eyebrow, and tell her to be wary and seek out the trueness of her nature.
The party is assailed by a group of bandits on the way out but makes short work of them, however in her excitement Arika begins coughing cold again, her eyes start forming into slits and the party backs away, but she manages to regain control. The other members say nothing, but Tobias mutters, Told you she wasnt an elf.
The group evacuate the City of Northgate and return with the townsfolk to Callaunt and head back to the bar- only Mithrir is not there but Maglin and his red-haired moon elf friend, Gwen, are sitting at the lonely table in the back corner.
They tell the party that Mithrir has traveled to the planes, many forces are moving due to dark reasons and he has gone to investigate. The party tells them about northgate and the Rod of Seven parts and the Dragon.
Maglin and Gwen give each other a look and give more detailed history of the Rod of Seven Parts, they tell the party to relax at the Bar for the night and that their next best course of action should be to head to the giant library of Candlekeep and do research on their various personal issues. Kato can gather information on the Zhentarum and Manshoon, The Drow can look for information on Divir and Arika can aquire information on Tiamats Church of the Dragon and research her half-dragon type.
Maglin then turns to the Drow and informs him that Dizmauld is on his trail. Dizmauld is the Drows cousin and is also a drow V but he is also the best assassin the Realms. Dizmauld is someone you definitely do not want to have following you. Maglin said that Dizmauld couldnt locate the drow because of the magic around him but he did find out who the Drow was associating with: Kato and Arika. Maglin says that he threw Dizzie of their trail and that they shouldnt have much to worry about.
The Drow heads out to Mirthrirs Magic Shop and Kato goes up to his rooms to rest along with Tobias whilst Arika shares a quiet drink at the bar to ponder over who and what she really is V when a non descript man walks into the Bar. Arika feels his eyes on her and notices how uncomfortably he stares at her as he walks all the way across the bar and straight towards Maglins table.
Even as the man sits down he doesnt take his eyes off of her VArika starts to think as she averts her own eyes and when Maglin suddenly slaps his hand on the table, Dizzie! Look at me when I am talking to you! Arika feels herself grow cold, she is sitting only feet away from Dizmauld himself.
The nondescript man suddenly laughs as he rises away from the table gives Arika one last long stare and then exits the Bar.
Arika rushes back to Maglin and they talk quickly. He tells her that he must get them out of the city tonight, Dizmauld wont try to harm them within the citys walls because of the protections and the watchful eyes of the War Wizards- but he will just lie in wait for the instant they leave and take them out. Maglin will transport them to a merchant city several leagues away, get them on a caravan that will take the straight to Candlekeep, hopefully giving them several weeks start on Dizmauld.
Outsde, the Drow is heading back from the Magic shop when he accidentally bumps into a nondescript human exiting the Bar. The human starts talking trash lethally, and when the Drow does not respond, the man pulls a dagger faster than the drow can eye and lunges towards his throat V there is a clang of metal on wood and the drow looks over to see a Mage in red robes hold his staff in the daggers path to his throat.
The War Wizard eyes the Drows attacker, No bloodshed in the city streets.
The non descript human eyes them both dangerously, but put away his dagger telling the drow, I wont forget your face human, and once you leave this city- Ill make you suffer.
As the human marches off the Drow suddenly realizes that the dagger the human held to kill him drow in make and that could only mean one thingKcousin Dizmauld had come to call.
The Drow thanks the War wizard and heads inside the bar, only to be dragged upstairs by Arika into a room where Kato and the vampire await them.
The drow tells the party what he did do have someone send Dizmauld to hunt him, and tells the party that even if they were to simply hand him over to the assassin V Dizmauld doesnt leave any loose endsKhe will kill them all if he gets the chance.
Magling rushes the party outside the city and uses a World Walk spell to transport them to the merchant town. The group signs up with the caravan and takes up rooms in the merchant house that night as Maglin leaves to further fuble Dizmauld.
That night all of them have nightmares that Dizmauld has come to claim them, upon awakening they hear two men outside their rooms talking. Its Dizmauld and someone has sold them out to the assassin! Dizmauld kills his informant down the hallway and begins checking all the doors.
The party leaps from their windows and rush to a nearby alley trying to think of a way to escape when another man in black cloaks approaches them with a proposition V he can get them out safely for a price. The party hands over some gold and the man leads them underground.
Another man with a slight shimmer and glow about his body greets them excitedly, a portcullis stands behind him darkness beyond, he will get them out of the city if they step inside. As the party stands around deciding, a huge gust of wind suddenly forces them through the portcullis.
The party finds themselves in a square room with one long hallway before them. A voice resounds from the very walls and says, Welcome desperate travelers! I am Shandakuul, God and Lord of the Wind and of course a little mischief and trickery, hmm-hmm ^-^ and this! I welcome you- to Shandakuuls House of Harassment! ^o^
The party: o~o what?! House of Harassment?
Shandakuul: Its simple really, all you have to do is make it pass my harrassing puzzles and mazes, entertain me well enough through doing so and I shall take you straight to Candlekeep leaving no track for the assassin to follow.
Arika: These puzzles and mazes arent filled with things that could kill us are they?
Shandakuul: Oh, heavens no my lady- unless you dont pay attentionK mwwahahaha.. ^^
The first room has lettered tiles on the floor, and the party realizes that the must spell out Shandakuuls name backward to reach the other side safely. The Drow has three missteps and were it not for the quickness of the Rakshasa, the arrows from the hidden holes in the walls would have assuredly got him
The second room was large and there was a single skeleton in the middle of the room, but it lay in an odd position as if propped up by something unseen. Arika held her greatsword out as she walked father into the room and hit an invisible wall- they were in a room with an invisible maze. Together, she and the Drow cast a detect magic spell that illuminated the walls in red and blue. The party made their way through and reached the skeleton finding a ruby, a sapphire and an emerald. Shandakuul informed them that the skeleton was once a mage named Harry. Kato amused decided to put Harry into his bag of holding just in case.
After ascending a long tunnel filled with stairs, the part came to another room with a raging black river floating through it, a single rickety boat that didnt look like it could hold anything floated on their side V but there were no paddle and no apparent way across.
Curious, Kato tossed Harrys skeleton into the boat, and the party watched as the bones rose up and asked for ferry. Each party member gave the skeleton one gold piece and Harry the Skeleton guided the boat safely across the dark water to the other side. Once the group piled out of the boat, the skeleton ceased to live and fell over once more. Kato smirked at this and placed the skeleton back into his bag of holding, Youre pretty handy Harry.
The third room after another long passage, was oval shaped and the only hallway out was bared by two sphinx statues, as the party approached; the sphinx asked them a riddle. The party guessed it right and the statues pulled aside allowing them through.
The fourth room was octagonal with no obvious exit with the statue of a red dragon against the right wall. Arika noticed that it had one ruby jeweled eye and the other was an empty socket. She placed her ruby that she had acquired from the maze inside the eye socket and a red light sprang from the statue revealing a hidden door in the opposite wall.
The party opened the door and walked through, but as Arika climbed down from the statue and started after them, the Dragon came to life and hissed her name and something more. Arika stopped and spun around but that statue was till and lifeless. She rushed from the room unnerved. Had the statue just called her chosen child ??
The final room was small and square with exits in all four directions and a pedestal containing a simple open book the read a simple paragraph. With the letters N,S,W,E,N,W,S,S,E,W,W,N,E,S, N capitalized. The party realized that the room would only let them out if they followed the pattern laid out in the book by going through the doors that corresponded with their compass direction.
The room released them and they found themselves in a stoneworked room with bookshelves containing texts, scrolls and books too old to seem to be still existing.
Shandakuul congratulated them greatly on their wonderful performance and then handed them each a tome from the shelves. The only way to get into Candlekeep is to offer a highly valuable old text as an entry fee V and these are from Shandakuuls private collection.
Arika began asking him questions about Tiamat and the fall of Evereska and dragon kind in general and if the city had been rebuilt,
He tells her that Evereska fell four hundred years ago during the time of troubles when the gods fell from grace and walked the earth as mortals. The city did fall to Tiamat but was promptly rebuilt and has been prosperous since then.
Arika, No, thats impossible! I just left Evereska in ruins just a few weeks ago.
Shandakuul: A god never forgets when he was reduced to mortal status, my lady. So either youre calling me a liar, or you have your story wrong and you are much older than you seemK
Arika remembered the words of Bahamut in her dreams and Shandakuul told her to read the book he gave her. It would offer her some clues and once in Candlekeep, their knowledge would offer more.
With that the group found then three days on a road the led straight to Candlekeep.
Arika and the other read their tomes and she found that many years ago, Tiamat began a church of the Dragon that was devoted to evil dragon kind with her as its holy mother. But she also found that Bahamut tried to start a counter church of the dragon but the plans never came to fruition and history does not know whyKthis sparks an interest in her as the Towering spire of Candlekkp looms above the Dead fields near the thunderous coast of the Sword Seas.

And all this happened in just our first two D&D sessions. I shall write more soon ^-^
I hope you enjoy!!! ^o^

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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Ok, ok beforeI start my rant here is what IS good in my life right now:
Work, bills all paid, money in pocket, plenty of food, lots of great sleep, my kitten, warm weather and pocky ^-^

And now for why I am a rampaging menace at the moment!!!
DnD has gone to the darkside >..< Needless to say all three of them got killed but evil Ugoloths (thing black skinned aliens with big luminescent eyes) without the Ugaloths breaking a sweat. And our drow got horribly raped in parts he didn't even know he had by the ugoloths, who even made extra holes to violate, just to entertain the crowd. I couldn't watch for long, but the crowd of demons devils and all manner of debautched creatures at it up like candy! Which left me all alone in a city full of things that can and will do the same things to me if they find out that I'm a platinum half-dragon, to gather up the puddly-chunks that are let of their bodies from the scary zombie holding the giant meat cleaver who runs the Chum Pits.
He asked me how many pieces I would like them in whilst waving the cleaver in my face.
I reply that I would like them as they are, whole and in NO more pieces then they already are.
He says: Then how will you eat them?...
Me: o.o Very slowly.
The zombie shrugs and tosses the corpses into my bag of holding and I proceed to walk back to our hotel and have our guide Maglin ressurect them. And as I inact my wrath upon them by clawing them all in the face with my talons as they wake up and telling them exactly why I am furious - I take two shifts towards evil alignment. To top it all off, Demogorgon (the self proclaimend Demon Prince of hell, who is a giant monster with two baboon heads and four tentacles for arms) has been prowling around inside my head ever since I got to Sigil. Taunting me, seducing me to let him cultivate the deliciously intoxicating hate and anger he smells inside me (his words, not mine oo) and waving demonic contracts in my path (although rather seductively and craftily instead of sinisterly). Why you ask? Why would a simple half-platinum dragon interest the Prince of Demons, Demogorgon? Because he wants me to be the poster child for his new Death Knight experiments, discect me apart cell by cell, then put me back together again, after he tortures and violates me, just for kicks! Because I'm the granddaughter of Bahamut, a dragon god, who wouldn't want such a prized slave, a child wrought for good that now ramages at the diabolical whims of an evil demon, a new breed of evil that sweeps that land like a plague? Because Demogorgon lost Maglin as his favorite Death Knight, and I would make the perfect if not equal replacement...THAT'S WHY!! >.O And I cannot get him out of my head.
So needless to say, I was not happy -so I threw my party members, half naked and without any gear 'cause they lost all theirs in the fight, out of my room so I could cool off. And what do they do?! They go to a lawful evil Abalothe (demon) named Bartering Bill and sell away 'things' to get replacements for their lost items. AND THIS!!! >.< >.O THIS I TELL YOU... is what upsets me the most and I shall tell you why!
First, the Drow gives the demon a copy of his spellfire ability! Spellfire is the most awesome way to do magic and manipulate it into whatever you want and he gave it to a demon! Second. The Rakshasa gave up a pint of his blood and free trade routes to his tribe to the Abalothe, blood which the Abalothe can use to clone the Rak and find out his true name and all sorts of terribly nasty things- but the finaly anf last terrible icing on the wicked cake.....
Daecrist, my half-dragon counterpart, promised to give up his first born child to the Abalothe in exchange for his items!!!
And here's the twist that our characters don't know yet: Daecrist is my son, and he has just promised my first grandchild to a slagging demon!!! The great grandchild of Bahamut himself in the hands of a DEMON! <>o<>!!!
I'm gonna kill him....
And we end up not being able to steal the Capstone of the Rod of Seven Parts from Kale Kalidan, my evil shadow dragon nemesis and Daecrist's father. And at one point during the encounter Kale looks at me and I remembered why I turned on him: Kale stole one of my eggs. He forced me to she-bang and then stole one of my eggs - my baby. That absolute bastard!!
My character finds out one of the most terrible things that could ever happen to a woman, to be robbed of a child, something that was a part of her...Kale took that from me *raged eyes*
Then Maglin blows up to save us and we end up running from Sigil with our lives and shite to show for it. The party is in shambles, the drow and Rak upset over their own stupidity, Daecrist threatening to leave the party because he REALLY messed up, me an emotional wreck because of the fact that I have a child out their somewhere who Bahamut himself only knows what he/she is/has been going through, and Demogorgon is still talking, weedling, temping me inside my mind:
"See how easy it is, Silmaria. You crave the darkness inside your soul, you revel in its taste. This is what you've always wanted, what you've been sampling and wielding for seven hudnred and twenty-five years, a wicked beast feeding off the terror you sow. Join me. Be mine, and I will free the full potential of your power, your hatred, your rage. Be born anew in darkness and I will give you everything you have ever desired!"

There is more but I don't want to bore you or laiden you down with too much or make you think I'm too nutsy ^__^. Oh boy...the things that haunt me.

All for now, more soon


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Monday, December 25, 2006

   A Bright and Merry Christmas!!
Before I get to my Christmas cheer, I want to personally and publicly thank Destinyssweetman for the wonderful reply you made to my last online post. It really meant a lot to me all that you wrote and I always cherish the heart you put into every word. ^-^ And the hugs too! ^o^

Now, I went over to my mom's house yesterday for Christmas with my bag of presents and I had a blast! MY two sisters and I cut up and laughed and watched crazy funny stuff on the internet. My mom and I watched the TN Titans beat the Buffalo Bills by one point - God, what and interception! And I ordered pizza for everyone so mommy wouldn't have to cook. My sisters couldn't afford to get me gifts this year and the books that mom ordered me still haven't come yet- but I was so glad to be able to get them gifts this year - and awesome gifts that I know they really wanted- and them not get me anything at all except love and attention. Because I don't want gifts this year, I wanted to make my family happy and I succeeded! ^o^
I got my little sister and awesome MP3 player and a CD of instrumental, trance, ambiance, techno music to go with it.
My older sister got a gift card to her favorite store: TARGET! ^o^ YEAH! XD
And I got my mom two DVDs that she has just been drooling to get her hands on: Con Air the Extended Unrated and Uncut version, and Pirats of the Carribbean: Dead MAn's Chest Super Deluxe Special Two Disc DVD Edition with Widescreen format! ^O^
And I bought Jeff a HUGE package of heavy duty socks, because he refused to get rid of the hobo socks that he currently wore that were full of holes. ^-^ Thank heavens no more hobo-socks!
LOL!!! I've got more stuff for him awaiting under the Christmas tree and Michi is standing guard watching them right now ^-^.
Oh! I got Michi her first Catnip toys and she has gone nuts with them! Like I fed her kitty-crack or something o.O! But she is alright and I'm exstatic that she likes them so much.

Merry Christmas to all!

-Darastrix ^-^

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

   One of those nights...
Top of the Day all! ^o^ Things went well yesterday considering a few things. I went to see Officer Johnson yesterday and he told me some of the really awesome things that I'll be doing for my AW job in the Navy, but there was one thing that bothered me... The S.E.E.R training program Survive, Escape Evade...and I can't remember what the R stand for. Basically Johnson told me that it is sometimes possible for an aircraft to go down behind enemy lines and for the crew to get captured - so the SEEr program is designed to simulate a mock prisoner of war scenario. Now THIS is what has pequied my attention: You have to run and hide, when you get captured they put a bag over your head and force you to march ot an undisclosed place, your shoved into a cell no bigger than a broom closet and forced to sit in one position on a crate - you don't sit on the nice crate, nice scary large man comes in a ruffs you up, your hauled off to an interrogation room, strapped to a chair and then grilled by Navy Seals wearing gear that makes them look a LOT bigger than what they normally are, you don't cooperate...they start smacking you around and shoving you into walls... Now, I will be brutally honest. The thought of being captured and tortured is disturbing enough, but the primal sense of exstacy that awakens deep within me is even more terrifying. As they say in the venacular: being tortured and captured will scare the crap out of me, but make me giddy with a dark happiness all the same. I will scream in terror at it, and love it like great sex at the same time. I scare myself a lot ^^''' So that whole thing has been clawing and prowling around inside my brain. I find it hard to sleep and to think about anything else and it has made me quiet and withdrawn ever since I left the NR Station. My silence drove Jeff off the deep end last night. He kept egging me on to talk and I eventually flat out told him that no I didn't want to tell him anything and that I didn't have to talk to anybody. We just got done having another talk about it a few seconds ago, I had to stop typing this up to deal with him. I just don't want him to bear this burden with me. I don't want him to know that I will have to go through this program. I don't want to hold my hand as I mull over it. Because, Jeff won't know how to comfort or console me. He won't be there when I have to go through this ordeal. And he would just worry intensly and unecesarily about me if he knew. I reassured him that I was alright and that everything was fine. I just want some quiet time to reflect to myself. I don't think he fully understood that, but he nodded and gave me a hug and went off to bed. I hope he sleeps...because I've had trouble. Yet! I have good news. I got all my christmas shopping done yesterday and this sunday I shall be with my mom and sisters and we shall have BIG Christams get together. I am really excited ^-^ Yes, yes. My friend Bill from work gave a CD with trance and ambiance and instrumental music and its just beautiful, it has really helped me to relax. AND! Today is my 'friday' at work. I will be off for the next two days. Good rest! And Jeff is taking me and The Drow to see Eragon ze movie. Yeah I've heard that its nothing like the book but that it is entertaining- so off we go! My kitty is pouncing me and I love it -yes! Bite that socked foot! Gnaw it well!!! XD And Tomorrow is Dungeons and Dragons Day! YIPPEE!! *does a dance* I loves mah D and D *tear* ^_^ Love to all, more soon! -Serrafina ^^
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