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hey peep's! Well, I'm a wolf demon, that gose by the name Kindo! I'm almost 14, and I'm sorta wierd... no I am weird... oh well *shruges sholder's* Well, anyway's, back to the subject. I'm normally a shy person.. if you can tell...XD.I really am, I'm just in a good mood... Oh ya! Don't forget to press the button

I thank Steve for this game.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

who likes my pikachu?! I think hes cute! gess what? We moved. I dont realy care for my new house but... oh well
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Sunday, November 7, 2004

   She waits
She waits there
day and night
she waits for him
to come in sight
no matter what happens
no matter how long
she'll wait there
untill life is gone
she waits on the hill
and faces the sea
where he left in his boat
to set her free

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Sunday, October 31, 2004

   Wolfs Rain
And only a family both loving an TRUE,
May conquer the EVIL, so ancient, so new.
As they fight to uncover what SECRETS they share
And see in their journey how painful is CARE.

Beware the BETRAYER, whose meaning is strife,
For their FAITH shall be tried by the makers of life,
And how shall DEVINE, in the dead of the night,
The LIes from truth, the darkness from light?
Like the CRY of the scavenger, torn through the air

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   Comes from the heart
sisters of the darkness
hear my plea
how can i make him
love me
Ive told him
time and time agin
but he dosent understand
what does it take
what can i do
to make him see
what he means to me

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