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This is my site. I am a dreamer boy who wishes for a career as an actor. If it doesn't come I'll feel unfulfilled for the rest of my life. Please comment often. Thank you and with sparklie black embers~~Sensei Ryuu~~
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Monday, March 3, 2008

   Stuff Relating To my Life...Well, Know Duh!
Just thought I'd add this into my post, heres the music video to :The Ghost of You" In case you havent noticed, its by My Chemical Romance and its the best music video I've ever seen.

Well! Didja enjoy that? Anyways, I'm happy version Vibrant is finally coming! Too bad I won't be on at To or 11 o' clock...Ah, well! I rented Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within yesterday and I must say its quite good besides the fact it looks alot more like Halo 3 than anything. Not very Anime-ish besides the fact that its a spin-off of an anime videogame series but oh well. What I really want to rent is "Final fantasy:Advent Children" Mostly cause it loooks mnore anime and has Cloud in it! Woo!
(Yes! heres the part where I get to humiliate IvoryDragon!)
Well, today we had Gym class, and basicially what we did for most of the time is try to jump over a chair and catch a dootball. I din't do it 'czu i'm a wimp and I hate sports...Anyway! IvoryDragon did try, and so he ran up and jumped on the seat of the chair and tried to ride it down. It didn't exactly work. His socks were wet from slush and he slipped between the back abnd the seat. The chair folded and he was sandwhiched between! It was the funniest thing I've seen in a long, long, long, time. *Chuckels* The same stry is on his site, so go give your condolensces to him as soon as possible! And with that, I shall leave..*puts on overcoat and brimmed hat*
~The Sensei~~

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

   Just Postin' For the Sake Of It
Maan, am I tired. I'm always tired on Saturdyas.Even know its 1:00 in the afternoon I'm still tired. And I'm still in my pajamas. *Rubs eyes* Hmm...I'll hopefuklly rent an anime today but if not I'll probably read and draw for most of the day...*looks off into space*...I want my ramen...Hee...Time to change my background!Again...!
~Tired as Heck Sensei~~

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

   Me Pet ees A Dragon
Yes! I love dragons!
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Monday, February 25, 2008

   Batlle Sequence From my Bro's Movie
The movie is called Leave No Man behind. Go to youtube and put in the search bar "amillerfilm" all my brother's vids will come up. the "300" one is pretty cool as well. if you have a youtube user then plz comment and suscribe, with thanks and kicks, sensei ryuu.
btw i am in this but its hard to find me in the masses of shrieking people so im not gonna point myslef out.

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   Odd Things About Retarded People
My class is odd. The most odd people are Sarina and Martha, two hyperactive idiots who couldnt find the back of their hand if you wrote the directions on their palm. Yes...they're very stupid. And they always crack up in the middle of class like they're insane psychopaths. Well...where all this is heading is that my Dad(who is also my teacher) caught them passing notes. He threw it away afterwards. When we were getting ready to leave I searched for it in the garbage can. I found a ripped in half note signed by Sarina. I think a part of it is missing. All I could make out on the sheet that was of importance was "why dont you write a note to-" then it ripped off. And I also saw "Cow Boy". Not like a cowboy like in a western but a Cow Boy. And I think it means me since earlier in the year I was hyper and started saying weord things like a Cow. I also have a sticker of a Cow in my locker(I have that 'cuz a girl who was sitting next to me when I was saying things like a Cow has been doing that kinda stuff ever since.) Another weird thing is that a girl in the fifth garde said she sawe Sarina write "Martha likes Patrick" on one of the stall doors. So...I'm led to think that this all means that Martha likes me. Or thats just one of their inside jokes. So I would like to know what you think. I'm also not sure whether its the note that my Dad got beacause the one he got waas folded up. So tell me your opinion, whether its the one and whether its a Joke or she actually likes me. Thank you and Good Night...or in this case afternoon...

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