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Hello, I am from Mexico City and I love anime. The first anime I remember watching was The knights of the Zodiac (by the way, I'm virgo, Shaka rulz!) and from that I watched other animes people recomended, I became a Pokemon fan...then I watched Sakura CC...then X/1999, then Gravitation also Evangelion...and finally I discovered the best anime in history, Wolf's Rain! my favorite ever.
My favorite caracter is Kiba because he is searching for a place to be free. My second favorite is Myu because she lives in a fake Paradise that by being free in, and wanting to be there it actually became her Paradise (confusing).
Please visit my MSN group, it may be in spanish but I have excelent Wolf's Rain images.
I discovered it in an Anime convention but I highly recomend it ^_^
Also just so you know I am studying Japanese so I don't have to read anime subtitles ~.^

"Why do humans always look to the sky?
Why do you want to fly if you don't have wings?...Run" -Kiba

"Flowers bloom, then they perish...stars shine, then they extinguish...this Earth, this Sun, the galaxies and even the Universe itself will someday be destroyed...compared to this the life of men is no more than the blink of an eye, just a scarce moment...but in that scarce moment people are born, they laugh, cry, feel joy, sadness and they love somebody else...after that they are taken by death" -Shaka

Good frases!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hey everyone, on the last spring break this April I finally went to Japan! It is absolutly the moast incredible country that I have ever been to! the spirituality of it, the technology...everything is amaizing.
And I bought an original Maid Elegant Gothic Lolita cosplay. I hope to put up a picture soon!
Chill out bye!


Friday, June 30, 2006

Hello everyone...I'm writing this to recomend you a few manga artist that have some very good drawings, sketches and designs...their names are:
1.- Range Murata (video game character design, Last Exile character design, ROBOT, FLCL landscape design...)
2.- Koh Kawarajima (drawings in general, mecha designs, draws seens or characters from other mangas, has some Chobits work, CC Sakura, G force...etc)
3.- Limha Lekan (original works, Burst Angel character designs, video game character design)

These are my 3 favorite manga artists...


Monday, May 22, 2006

   new love for anime
Hi everyone!! They had a 24hour movie marathon in my school...and they showed Nausicaa...one of Hayao Miyazaki's first movies...and I've been trying to watch all of his works...and now I actually fell in love with Totoro =^.^=

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