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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Act I, Scene II
Another day passed by. Soon the moon will raise high towards heavens, beyond the clouds. What could I say about a day that started as soon the sun rise over the horizon? Day of thoughts, lost in oblivious gardens of my own self. I learned a few things today, but is it really a surprise? I don’t really think so. When we consider it, don’t we all learn something every day? We do indeed even though we don’t always seem to notice what we learned in a day. From the simplest things to something beyond your belief, no matter what it is, our minds have something new at every minute. Anyhow! What could I write in this post? How I spent my day. By looking at the comments, you readers left on the text I wrote before, you seemed to be interested about my person, a little bit, and also about my days and all this. Well, I dislike making my readers gloomy, so for you, I shall talk slightly about my day, from when I woke up from my sleep to the present moment where I am writing this for you. Like I do every time after sleeping, I woke up. Since now nothing special… I did my morning routine that I do every single days of the week. Went to the places I had to go and learned like every day. What else to say? I guess I enjoyed it in my own way. Probably you would like to know more about my own person, well I might disappoint you slightly now because I don’t intend to tell more about myself for now. Ah so unpleasant of me isn’t it? I am feeling kind today and will tell you a few things about my own person. First thing, nothing surprising, I am a man. I am a man of passion, lust, romance and secrets. I dislike revealing myself to the world, most of the time I am there in the shadows. Don’t worry; I am far from being a malicious person. With my darken eyes I love watching the world around me and give a second look to everything we see beautiful or hideous. Beauty can be everywhere, like repulsiveness can be in what you believed to be the most beautiful thing at the first sight… For now I say goodbye, soon I shall tell more… but for now I suppose that this is enough…

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Act I, Scene I
Ladies and gentleman,

For the second time, I am writing to all of you. In my previous post, I didn’t say much about myself and I do not intend to say more here. In fact, I won’t say anything else about myself for now. This post has no real meaning to me, almost useless… I could tell you how I spent my day, but what would it really mean to you, member of the Otaku community? Like every other single day of my life, it begun from dawn, as I woke up from my sleep. I cannot tell how my day was since it didn’t come to an end yet. Even if the burning orange circle in the sky is now sleeping behind my horizon, leaving the sky to moon and stars, my day haven’t been put to an end yet. But you reader, how was your day until now, which would mean since you woke up from your sleep, if indeed you slept, to the present moment where you are reading this.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ladies and gentleman,

Here I have the pleasure to introduce myself to all of you in this charming letter. What could I say about myself? Oh so many things, yet even if I tell you all this, you won’t really know who I am. I could tell my name, my age, where I live what I like, but why? Oh sure thing all this will give you some information on me, but still you won’t really know who I am because none of you even spoke to me yet. Perhaps some of the readers already know me, met me in real life or talked with me before on the internet. They have more chance to know who I am than someone that will just read my words for the very first time. Probably, you lucky reader, will have the chance to discover more about the person that I am through my future post on this page.

See you all beyond redemption

~Secret Lust~

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