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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sorry just another busy holiday times.

Well I might not be on anytime from today till well I'm not sure...
Ok one reason is that I went to a party today and men it was totally boring...
Then tomorrow I'm going to another party, well of course it's New years eve.
Then on Jan. 1 my mom is having something so hopefully I would be able to share with ya some stuff.
But just hopefully I'll be able to post ok...I mean school is coming men....>.< trouble..heh and men my b-day is coming up too. hee.
So just in case I won't be able to be on here:


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Thursday, December 28, 2006

My New years resolution!!

Hmmm well before that does anybody know what dreams mean? Lately I've been having weird dreams about my bf, not that it's weird but the the area... Well it's at school but it always seems so dark, as if we were in the past or at war. But even if the area is like that, we both seem closer than ever. heh it's kinda weird to me in a way.

Well here my New Years Resolution:
1. Well be more open...i guess.
2. Be more organized and do things early.
3. Get more rests.
4. Do more work
5. Study harder for high school
6. Heh save up money for important things.
or don't spend at all.
7. Mostly don't show anger or pain to others.

I know I shouldn't be sayin stuff like that but I hate to hurt others. This will only happen if things are serious.
That's all I can think of right now.
heh -_-'

Just wandering, when someone ask you what you want for your b-day do you tell them what you want? I mean if it is your bf or gf.
It's weird cuz I don't really ask for anything even if I would love a present, but it seems like I'll be a burden even if it's my b-day.
Well grrr... forget darkness again is coming I must go ok...
Forgive me

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Just an Ordinary day

Well same old, same old. Just bored and tired today. All I can say is that I woke up around 11am, Cleaned my mom's room, ate lunch, hanged clothes,played with my cuz, took down clothes,fold clothes, climbed the trees with cuz..etc.. not really exciting..just ordinary.

Omg..just a few more days to school...O_O neh I better get everything ready....aaaahhh noooo.. Well I'll be ready for sure..
Oh and even New Years day is coming..Omg I need to make a new years resolution...aaahhh must change for this year...>.<

Well I'll post up my list ok. ^^
Well till now I'm wishing everyone the best of luck next year!!!!
Here a pic..right now I'm a bit busy but it's all I can find for now..

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Oh and one more thing does anybody have myspace? Cuz I would really love to get to know you guys more. Oh and don't worry I should be on everyday. Well hopefully during school days.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

One New Thing..

Well today is the day after Christmas, and men my day was really really boring. The day was hot and there was hardly anything to do.-_-
I hope everyone had a great day. But of course yea I enjoyed my ipod. heh and I got to play my bro's xbox 360. Hee it's fun, I kept killin my bro.
Heh Well out of all, I got a haircut. At first my hair was past my shoulder now it's about shoulder length.
Oh and we had pizza today for dinner. Hee well just out of all. It's just a simple day.

Hope everyone's day was oK, well better than mine.


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Monday, December 25, 2006


Dear Everyone,
First of all I'm sorry, for all the darkness I let out.

Just Today, I wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a HAppy NEw Year!!!!!!!

It's a very Special Day and I'm wishing everyone a very very Special Christmas!!!!!

Hope you all got what you wanted and that you and your Family had a great Time.

Well all did today, Open gifts and went to a party and when I got home, men was I tired.

Oh yea even if I got a little gifts. I still Love it, I rather give than recieve. Hee^^

Oh and if you wanna Know what I got, I got an ipod nano (I think) and a Manga book and a Kingdom Hearts Necklace. It's SO COOL.

Well all I actually wanted is for everyone to be happy on Christmas day. Hopefully my Love had fun this Christmas and even all my friends, including you all.


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