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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Within the alley of unlikely shadows
Piercing my drums with a noise that grows
Powerless did the voice it ded looked
suprisingly, I really did get hooked

Though the beaty of this world has to offer;
there are still things I cannot descifer
As autumn passed into winter,
all i can do is bear this cold and wear my sweater

As i crossed the bridge of the nose, all i saw was a blot of ink
It contained a lot of stars that made me think,
but my eyes showed me more than it can behold
mesmerized am I that I have grown all this mold

I offered more candles to strengthen the light,
but the wind made my fire take a flight
fooled by the beautiful mask you wear
all I did was cry with nothing to fear

I can look at the world in a different light
I dont know what it take s to make it right
so many things I never could see
Too much choices are falling one me...

but this I wil always do, I will never change
I will still love you even until I die.

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