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Tuesday, December 7, 2004

   Island's Grief

I have in my hand the power
To lose this life and jump from this tower
But still bound by this lonely steel
Wounded by this chain that will never heal

All my life,I have tried so quick
To unbound myself from this grasp I squeak
From where this tower I have stood
All I see are legions of bloody brood

Since birth, I have thought about death
This is it, my heart is bait for grand theft
Hungry demons were wanting it
My soul has left and I lay in defeat

Darkness has eaten me in pain
Satan cannot get my power in vain
This is why I am in this chain
Afraid they are, for I might get them slain

But wait! What is this thing I see?
Her light that changed me and put me to glee
But everything has come to fade
And this problems will never come to aid

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