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Saturday, November 13, 2004

   All For You

These things I have were just so bad
These quite make me an unworthy lad
And all of these you just seem not to want
Though I tried to change them in an instant

On the way as I tried to change these
All just seem to fail and not at ease
My aspirations did just crumbled
All of my good plans just trembled

But despite all of these failure I had
I still tried and tried not to be bad
Suprisingly it is really difficuLt
From others I had nothing but insuLt

But all of these I just dont care
For I still have something to bear
And that is for me to change and be good
I'm hoping there's something you could conclude

That all I could I will try to do
And its jUst to prove that I love you
So if you dont mind without further ado
Look at me change because of you

Author: Verb

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