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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

   How long has it been? O_O
..Hello? Is anyone still there? Hm...seems i've been gone for a whiiiiile. Sorry..you know how it is...LIFE happened. o.0 So i have grown up a lot...and i mean a LOT. Several things have changed, but lets just go with this for now. Im BACK!!! :D
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Sunday, February 4, 2007

ok, sorry ya'll, i've been getting on a site called gaiaonline.com... heres my cute dream avis i made on tektek.org!!!

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

92% of teens have moved onto rap
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Sunday, December 3, 2006

   a sorrowful goodbye!! a fanfic i did... newly revised...!!!!! ^ ^
¤‡†A Sorrowful Goodbye‡¤
She said farewell one last time and he watched her walk away, staggering from confusion, eyes blurred by tears. It was barely there; the scent, but he caught it. At that moment, he knew she was crying. She had strained to hold it in, but it refused to be locked up inside of her. He made her cry, he didn’t intend to, but he did.
‘She must think I’m really mad at her’ he thought. “I’m so sorry.” He whispered, but she couldn’t hear him. “I didn’t want to have to have to do this, but it’s the only way.” And a single drop rolled down his cheek.
‘Why?’ She thought. ‘Why do you want me to leave? What did I do wrong?’ She begged for an answer, hoping her mind would give her one, but all was silent, except the heavy breathing she emitted from crying so hard. She fell to the ground. Now unable to stand, she stayed there holding herself. When he saw her collapse, he wanted desperately to run to her, and comfort herm but he knew he must stay behind.
‘It’s for your own good. I can not risk your safety. What we are fighting is even stronger that Naraku. I’m too weak to fight let alone protect you. I must regain my strength. While I do, you need to go home.’ He thought, hopefully she’d understand the words that remained unspoken.
‘I can’t bare this. It’s just too much. In our battle with Naraku, our friends were killed and a new horror was unleashed. I’m scared, but even though I’m afraid, I want to stay. Why wont you let me?!’ She screamed in her mind for reason.
“I wonder what she must think of me right now.” He calmly stated to himself.
His long silver hair blew in the tainted wind. An evil aura drifted in the air. He looked towards the forest. It’s him!
He panicked. “Kagome! Run! Go back to your own time! Quick!” He yelled as the demon lord came running after her wildly. She made an effort to dodge him as he lunged for her, but the demon slashed her back brutally. She screamed out in agony and fear of what would happen to them as she saw him come back for another attack. The man that was letting her go rushed to her side and stood in front of her so as to block her from the soon to come onslaught. After several minutes of countless hacking of limbs now severed, he slew the demon lord out of pure rage. He ran back to the whimpering girl and picked her up in his arms as she looked up at him lovingly.
“I know why you wanted me to go…”She paused and winced in pain, then continued. “You were worried about me.”
“But how’d you know?”
She just smiled. Her breathing was slowing and she grew cold and pale.
“Kagome!” he held her close. “Please! Stay! Don’t leave me!” he gently caressed her cheeks. “Please. Please.” he whimpered. A lump caught in his throat as he realized how close she was to parting.
Before gradually fading away she whispered, “I love you… Sesshomaru.”

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   hey guys
salut! ça va? lol, sorry. i havent been on again! so so sooooo sorry. a lot of things have been keeping me busy lately... so when things settle down, i promise i'll get on more and update. until then. c u around cyber space. luv ya!!
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Sunday, November 12, 2006

   much love
bonjour. comment alez vous? hehehe sorry guys, well since ive been gone a few things have happened... for instanceive gotten a new boyfriend...im taking french, which i LOVE!! my teacher is CRAZY!!! but hes awesome...^ ^ and well, im writing poetry more...ok well, its not as much as i thought but i guess i knew my life was this boring. really i know theres more than this... *ponders* nope, guess not... oh well hehe i promise i will update more often.
c u around cyber space. love ya!! bye

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