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Monday, May 30, 2005

man my weekend was awesome my friends and i snuck outta my house and went to the old school and egged tped graffited(sp?) and silly stringed it..it was awesome..ohh and we also went on soos creek trail..that was fun we where just walking..but then i took a pice of ice form the ice pack we where carrying with us and put it down mary shirt lol she was mad at me then soo she did the same to me! lol then we both took our water bottles and poured the water on sarah lol it was funny she was like wet...she did the same to us..lol the people that where jogging by and walking just like stared at us cuz we where soaked..the bad part for me was that i had a WHITE shirt on and they had blue ones on..soo anyone who was walking by at the time got to see my lovely blue bra lol..anway ima head now bye all

(check out this pic i mad not long ago..please ;.; )


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