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Friday, July 14, 2006

So ima prolly leave myO soon..or not
Okay so basically..
ima prolly be leaving myO.
terrible isnt it!
yeah i been on here for hella..
so i consider myself an oldie...yup..hahah..
i moved to myspace. ;D
Since im unoriginal like that, buwahahah
haha..so anyway today like.. I saw pirates of the caribean 2...fer the second time..hah abut this time was funner. yup cuz like...i burped real loud and like my friend, eden, farted hecka loud so liek half teh people watchin the movie coudl hear..hah ait was so unexpected..i laughed my ass off XD hahhaha good times good times...
OH but i remember the first time i saw it was with mah friend john..omg so *cough* i got him aroused..hahaha it was HELLA funny. hahah pitchin a tent in the movie theater..hahaha...XD
being a tease is fun, like..real fun. YUP
so anyway
ima stop typing and leave


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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Alot has happend since i last posted @_@ wow. like my life turned upside down and did a loopty loop and turned D= oh wells lol xD i met so many new people so much fun, good memories! xD hahah oh and some bad stuff..oh wells. ;D

Okay so anyway!!! yeah wow...i havnt been on here for ages. :o yeah well im pretty bored...so...someone should send me a message ;D cuz they love me like a motha fucka on speed.. lol toodles babes <3 *muwah muwah*

-Diana (is a bitch)

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