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Welcome!!!! hope you like my site!!!!
random facts about me:
i think ferbies are evil
i like the color pink!
me and my bff are phsyco(jk)
i like cookies and cream ice cream!
my nickname is Saki (don't ask)
im also phsycic. im not kidding. im really phsycic

look! i gots a button!!!
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

hey-lo ppls!! today was kind of bleh. it was still good but it was still bleh. In science we finished making our babies (out of paper plates for all you pervs out there that thought otherwise) i havent made any new drawings yet. but ill post them as soon as i make any more drawings. and ill let you kno if i draw anything too. well i got to go now so ill see you guys later! BYE!
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Sunday, May 6, 2007

hey!! whats up?? my day was cool. i learned how to drive a jetski BY MYSELF. and i helped a couple of ppl who got their rope stuck in the propeller. i have a new oc. her name is bella. i would like some help creating a look and background for her so if anyone has any suggestions pleez pm me. if no one suggests anything i'll make it a contest. pleez help me. well gotta go. see ya!
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Friday, May 4, 2007

hey ppls! whats up? today is friday! WOOT!!!!!!!! it rocks! tommorow is the banquet for my magnet and i bought shoes to match my dress. my dress is pink and so are my shoes. i cant wait till tommorow! look at this new pic i drew!
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i hope you like it! i posted it and its in my profile. pleez take a look at it and comment. well i got to go! see ya later!

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