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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hey everyone
So, today Heather moved out:)YAY:) But before and while she was moving out she was being very childish. She was slaming doors for no reason, because Kerrie was at work. She kicked Kerrie's rug out into the hallway, and she knocked Kerrie's make up off of here desk and then said "oops" as if it was on accident but it would not be possible to knock those things off the desk by just bumping into it she had to have taken her hand and just knocked everything everywhere. She also took some of Kerrie's beef jerky before she left, and Kerrie thought she lost a pair of really expensive earrings because Heather somehow put one of them in the lid of the beef jerky container and the other was under her desk. We also found out today that Heather used her desk to put all of her trash in, and she left the desk there so we cleaned it out and were going to fix it up and sell it. You should have seen us, we cleaned almost everything that Heather ever touched, she's such a slob. We are all so glad that she's gone now.
Well that's all that happened today so TTYL.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey everyone
So today one of my roommates, Erika, found the words "I hate you fucking bitch" etched into the post in the living room and she told us about it. It was directed toward another one of my roommates, Kerrie, we know that because there was a K on the other side and she's the only one that had that initial. So Kerrie told our RA, so that we didn't get charged for it, and some guys came up to check it out. While they were here the roommate that we all think did it, Heather, started cusing at Kerrie, so she ended up getting written up for that. When they left she started calling us all little children because we say things about her when she's not here, but trust me everything we say is true, we're just informing each other of what she had done to us, and she is so much more childish than we are. She eats our food, she destroys things and she has called us bitches and hoes while she was on the phone while we were standing there. We are going to be so happy when she moves out, we can't wait, it's only 3 more days:) Wish she was leaving tommorrow though. One of my roommates, Steph, said she would have punched her, but she would have been kicked out of school then, and this is a very expensive school, so that's not an option.
I guess that's all that happened today,so TTYL.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hey everyone sorry it's been forever since I posted anything. So senior year I had two different boyfriend, which was wierd since I never had one before. The first one I was set up with by some of my friends and I didn't really even like him, we broke up after 2 weeks. The second one I really did like he rode my bus and asked me out one day, he was a sophmore though, so we had no classes together. We did have lunch together but we didn't sit together, which I know is wierd. SO, basically we only saw each other on the bus on the way home, but it was still fun, I had my first kiss with him, and many more. We had to break up because he was moving at the end of the year, and I would be going to college soon too.
So, now that were caught up with my life let's continue with college life.
It's much better than High School that's for sure. You have so much more freedom it's so awesome. And, NO PARENTS! I have 5 roommates, but it's not bad because our dorm room is like an appartment, we have two rooms with 3 people in each room. We all get along except for one of us who will be moving in like 5 days, so that's good, then the room will be at peace:) So, there's a guy in one of my classes that I like, but he doesn't really talk to me much, I try to talk to him some, but I'm too shy to talk to him too much. I went to my first party the first weekend I was here and had my first beer. Yeah I know that's kinda wierd not having a beer until college. I also had my first drag of a cigarette, which I know is also wierd now days.
I'm in college at Aip, which is The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I'm taking Color Theory and Drawing first quarter. My color theory teacher is Venezualen or something like that, so he has an accent, that's hard to understand which sucks, but it's not that bad. My drawing teacher is awesome he cusses and he's really laid back, and relaxed.
If you haven't noticed I'm feeling a lot better now that I'm not stuck at home and everything doesn't remind me of Josh, like everything at home did. I haven't cut myself since I came to school, so that's good.
So, I think that's all that's happened in my life since the last time I posted, so TTYL.

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