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Hiya, I'm Sasukesgirl100!! I lerv Sasuke!! ^^ I like the shows Naruto(duh!), FMA, Inuyasha, YYH, Fruits Basket, Trigun, Case Closed, and lots more!! ^^ I'm nice, and can usually get along with anyone, and PM me if you get the chance!! ^^ Oh, and I say 'what not' alot!!This has been a message from Sasukesgirl100!!Enjoy the pic: Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Saturday, October 6, 2007

   Panic! At the Disco!

Oh my god, I swear, this just blew my mind. The guys did beauitfully with this proformace! I have no idea when they did this, but oh my god. This made my heart flutter, I swear they sounded so awesome. It's insane, because I head some of their earlier proformances, and they weren't that good...at all. And to hear this, they've improved so much, and I am so unbelieveably proud. They've got so much talent, and I'm so envious. It's absolutely, unbelieveably insane how awesome they are. It made me cry some.

Anyways, I'm at the edge of my seat, waiting for their new CD, I've heard one of their new songs, Nine in the Afternoon:

And they did so awesome here too. I didn't really notice it before, but they've grown so much as a band, I'm just saying, because like I said, they weren't that good live before, but just listen to them now, my heart is freaking singing, I'm so happy.

Love you guys.

(Sorry you had to hear me go on about Panic!, but I just had to write down this feeling! ^^)
((I've been reading Pete's journal, from Fall Out Boy, on their website), I'm a bit deeper on things. Lolzz. He's had a big affect on me, he's my hero, well, one of them.))

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Listening to Misery Busines by Paramore
Very good band... Anyway! Guess what! I fainted today for the first time!! W00T! In the docter's office. Because I went to get a shot, and ended up getting 4 cuz the docter was like you don't have to, but you should. And my mom asked if it was ok to get 4 at a time. And the the docter said that it was ok, and that someone had gotten 5 at a time once, so it was fine. And after I got my shots the docter was like wait 15 mins before checking out, to make sure everything was ok, and I walked out the room, and my vesion was blurring, and I sat down, puff! I was out like a freaking light! Lolzz!! My mom freaked out, and I has to lie down for awhile, but I'm okay now! Though my arm hurts, but the docter said that was going to happen. Also, I wanted a couple tatoos when I grew up, but 2 of those shots friggin burned!! So forget the tatoo idea! XDD
Have a great day!

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Monday, July 30, 2007

I'M BORED! It's raining, and I'm blaring Fall Out Boy. I'm sure the neighbors can hear. I'm gonna be deaf by 30, maybe 25. Well, I guess I'll still be abe to lead Ashley around, my friends and I expect her to be blind by 16. Well, you know what they say about not looking at the sun?? If only she'd listened... Lolzz!! I'm kidding, but she can't see like 2 inches in front of her. >w<;; But I still love her like a sister from another mister. I don't know. Has anyone else noticed?? But almost ever Panic! at the Disco song is perverted??

Why Ryan, Why!!? -dies-

Anyways, I'm bored, ave a nice day. BLAH!!

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Saturday, July 28, 2007


OMG!! I almost died laughng when I watched this!! XDD I love Sasuke's part in tis one!!I got it from JokerJaw' website, hope he doesn't mind!

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   Currently Listening to The (After) Life of the Party by Fall Out Boy
I know I've been posting alot lately, but I have 3 things tah tell ya!
If you look emo enough, adults will be extra nice to you. Dun ask why, just believe me. I went to Golden Coral(or however you sell it) ((I hate that place)) with my mom and brother the other night. My dad never goes with us anywhere. And my mom had just bought me a new hoodie, it's gray and dark gray striped. And have a habit of looking emo whenever I'm not talking. And I was wearing it to the restruant, with some black capris, and we were walking to a table, and this old lady smiled at me and told me to have a good day. And I'm like, thanks, and to myself I was like, Okay... So we got to our table, and my mom and brother went to good get food, and I stayed behind, because my mom and I had ate at the mall, when we were shopping, so I wasn't really hungry. And I was sipping my sweet tea, holding my cheek, and well, yeah, I did look really emo, right down to my black nail polish. ^^;; Then our waitor lady was walking past our table, but stopped when she saw me, and asked me if we gotten waited on, and I was like no. So she was like hold on, I'll be back with your bread, and took te tray, and whatever. Then later, I wanted a cookie, so I was looking for a bowl, and some random waitor lady was like what are you looking for, and I was like a bowl. And she looked, and was like Okay, hold on, I'll ask for one, and she got one from the cook guy. And trust me the people there are always, ALWAYS evil, so I was surprised. ^^;;

NEVER try to tape a poster to your ceiling. IT DOESN'T WORK. Trust me, trying to tape a poster to your ceiling, while wearing your new hooide, on an old, rickity ladder, is not the answer!! You'll just end up messing up your poster, angery, nearly fall off the ladder, and mess up your nail polish. No, I dont really care about my nails, but I just painted them yesterday. SO, the moral, never send tape to do a stapel's job. I've tried. And after all that, my Fall Out Boy poster ended up crooked!! >_<**

And Three:
I slipped on water in the gorcery store!! XDD It's was so funny!! I was soaked!! And my mom was mad, she fussed at the manager guy. D= Which I don't know why, I always fall down. It didn't even hurt!! X3 It was the second time I slipped on water in that store, too. XDD (I made a comic about it!)

Peace, love ya, have a great day!! ^^

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