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Hi. I'm a huge sasuke fan very obviously. I love Naruto shippuden. The manga for Naruto is really good too. i like Gaara as well. He is creepy to many but to me he is very caring. I have to say the thing i hate most of all is when my own bf says that sasuke is a wimpy little emo boy. It makes me want to slap him across the face. I also like Bleach, Blood +,Full Metal alchemist,Death Note, Jing: King of bandits, Trinity blood, Eureka seven, Negima,Spiral, Vampire Princess Miyu,Escaflowne, Ikki Tousen, Maburaho,samurai girl; real bout high school, Shamanic princess, Hellsing, Slayers,Gungrave,Fruits Basket, and d-gray man. Some of my fav manga are Meru puri, Naruto, Bleach,Kanpai, Tsubasa, Fruits basket, Red river, Alice 19th,Kami kaze,Full moon, Negima, Fushigi yugi: Genbu kaiden, Chibi vampire, Gintama, and Gravitation. I like to watch Heroes,CSI, Scrubs,Family guy, American dad, The simpsons, and Robot Chicken as well. I do track. I'm a long jumper and sprinter.I love Guitar Hero and Kingdom Hearts. As well as Fatal Frame and Resident evil. I love all Naruto games and Final Fantasy games. Well that's about it!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hey. I'm new here just looking for someone to talk to about anything.
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