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Friday, February 8, 2008

   here is the daydream. . .
i don't member it all.. barely detailed.. umm i know it was some sort of bal.. a firey ball... then at the top building someone was thrown out.. of the skool went through the fence and into the tennis court.. (don't member who) the bell rang afterwards.. teachers, police and students ran out, but i saw all my friends crying.. baly. i didn't see where i was.. firetrucks came.. my friends circled around the person.. crying horribly. i still couldn't see. then i felt like something else was gunna happen but my english teacher called my name and i snapped outta it. she whispered if i was ok.. she looked so worried and i nodded and did my work but couldn't stop staring at the tenniscourts.. aftert about five minutes. i was getting scared. and now my teacher was worried. she kept asking me if i was ok. i said yes. ~15 min~ i was slowly forgetting but every little noise scared me.. ppl knocking on the door.. anything. i owuld jump. i don't daydream like this. mostly bout' sasuke.. if i do i don't get this scared. i was forgeting so i wrote in my spiral.

a lil after 4 period and i have no idea what happened.. i looked into my spiral and just got scared rereading it.. i don't know.. why.. but now i don't even remmeber it.. all i know is i sit next to windows and when i stare down at the tennis courts.. i get reallys scared.. i don't know.. maybe i am going crazy..

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i have to wait till i get home.. i'm at skool rite now.. and it's in my spiral.. so those who are waiting.. wait for a couple more hrs.. once ONCE i get home.. i'll post it...
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

sry i'm never on my chatbox.. 0.o lol, well everything good?? umm.. well not much to say.. uhh.. well i'm failing all my classes.. so tenth grade here i come again.. -_- it's so hard.. or maybe it's the fact i don't do work.. adn sleep..?? hmm maybe that's it.. 0.o i have to do good.. my taks test is in a month!!! 0.o man.. i'm freaked.. i've been having these weird daydreams..well i'll post one later.. cuz apprently i wrote one down adn i read it and don't member' it at all!!! 0.0 scares me.. well i'll post that tomorro fer u guys to read.
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Sunday, February 3, 2008

hey guys. well i suppose i can come here first.. lol, my AIM and yahoo are being assholes'' so.. umm u can email meh... i dunno why y i can't come u guys are on my chat box.. uh.. i have a myspace if u guys want that.. i suppose. umm i guys i'll pm all of u^^
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