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Life sucks......that's why they invented video games!!
and now a blooper from pirates of the carribean: P.1"damn to the depths the one who invented Parler!" J.S"the French. yeah the inventers of maynaise," P.1 "I like maynaise!"
J.S "too bad for the french though, they're obsessed with raisins. Humiliated grapes really. think about!" *other pirates mumble something* J.S "you know they're gret singers the french," *whistles* "unics, all of 'em" P.2 "thats not right!" P.1 "I used to date a unic..." J.S "right i'll get my coat then"

another blooper from pirates of the caribean 2: J.S "William, I shall trade you the compass if you'll do strange things to my dog. His name is Tim."

I really should update this somtime....SO STOP YELLING AT ME T^T
I obviously know it's lame, i have no business in "show" business....don blame me >_>