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Welcome to my page!!!

Konnichiwa min'na! Genki desu ka? It's me Sanrin (* a name I used in every artworks I do here in this site while in fanfiction.net I used the name Asura Shinrin for my created anime crossover scripts) and I hope you enjoy visiting and viewing my page. Cheerio!

To describe me as a whole, I'm a huge fan and a critic of selected anime series.The drawing quality of my creations depends on what i've put emotions on it.

Regarding to my creations, for me, comments from other people makes me feel all right and keeps me on going on even though some of it contains criticisms and unfavorable but still Iím grateful Ďcoz they just showing and giving concerns on my work.I believe there is no pleasing everyone but I will continue striving hard for those who enjoy my work.

Just leave any comments,PM me or sign in my guest book. Iím very pleasured to have one. Domo!

I loved and adopted a Naruto chibi! ^_^

Name: Minato Namikaze (Yondaime)

Likes: ramen,girls

Dislikes: enemies

Owner: Rio

Friday, May 1, 2009

Its' been a long time since I've posted something here in my DA account. The problem were, I didn't even expect that my PC was malfunctioned and unfortunately, even at this time, I couldn't recover my files and of course, the scanner's presence.

Additionally, I couldn't afford to pay those multiple pages to those comp shops here( Php 15 per page)since, I'm saving my money for the completion of Soran Ibrahim's gundam meister cos.

While waiting for the new purchase PC with an internet-connection at home(now, that I'd had already), I'd continued the story of your fave fan manga the BABYSITTERS. In fact, I've already done in creating the Part TWO and the PART THREE, of course, having my own idea and skills just to finish it..unlike the way, I used to ask some ideas from you readers and fans. I hope it was all right for all of you...

By the way, there's still a problem since my scanner isn't available at this moment so I hope you still continue on supporting the said series even though or maybe on November (I'll try my best to meet that deadline) to post the continuation of my Fan manga plus my own cross over manga the MIKAZUKI.

So, again, I'm saying MY APOLOGIES to all of you and I promise, I update you all if it's already done posting here and in the other art sites it had already posted.

Domo Arigato for understanding.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

hehe, this is actually not a contest but to earn more people to help me I think I just need the word "CONTEST ". I am very this passed days so it's very difficult for me to think what should be the captions for the uploaded page of babysitters fan manga. How to join? 1. Save the page and edit the balloons with your ideas on what should the characters will say depends on the recent events of the manga. 2. Email it to me at sanrin_naika@yahoo.com NOTE: Those who submitted their ideas will receive a Final Fantasy Screen saver and a screensaver maker installer. That's the only prize I think for now... maybe not a prize but a thank you gift to those who offer their help for my fan manga. I hope everyone will join and help me even at this time. I always knew your ideas worth a million than mine hehe. Arigato!
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

   For YAOI fans only:Read this!
Besides creating fan arts and fan manga, I'm now dealing with creating some fan fictions too but I know i'm not that good in grammars... I hope you have the time to help me improve my skills in writing. I really appreciate those people who will help and support me like the way you did here in my arts. Note: EXPECT CHANGES IN MY STORIES INCLUDING THE CHARACTERS PERSONALITY. I need time to adjust. Search ids: www.fanfiction.net/~asurashinrin Author name: Asura Shinrin Stories' ID: 3941959- Saigo no Gift 4024112- Kesenai Ai no Memories Thank you!
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   Sorry for late UPDATES!
maybe everyone who reads the Babysitter is surely having doubt "Why in the hell Sasori is in Human form... as in real human boy? "...
Answer is....
Just wait for the upload for MIKAZUKI AKIRYU 'coz there are some cases that connect in babysitters to mikazuki... just wait for it guys and sorry!

i'm very busy these passed days....keep on supporting me.

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