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i hope this works
Hallos all,my site might be going through some changes but nufin to dramatic he he peace ^.^

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I LOVE YAOI!!!!!!!!!!!! that is all
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Thursday, July 14, 2005

uh oh tha twins get tha same man,not good

Who is your Trigun boyfriend by Duosgirlfriend
Boyfriend:Legato Bluesummers
You met:In the desert.
What he likes about you:Your Looks.
What you like about him:His attitude.
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Who is your Trigun boyfriend by Duosgirlfriend
Boyfriend:Legato Bluesummers
You met:In a bar.
What he likes about you:Your ass. Heh heh.
What you like about him:His eyes.
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Akuryou-He likes me better
Me-nuh uh
Akuryou-Yes he does cuz he likes the way i look
Me-Well he likes my ass wich means ill just have more fun than you so Nah *Sticks out tounge*
Akuryou-Ill get you back for that one

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Monday, July 11, 2005

do do do
Hiyas all,
Well since some ppls dont read i guess i wont delete this site,i have grown used to it anyways,and im not gonna delete the other site either,i guess i can keep up with to sites,so how was everyones fourth?
Mine was alright i guess,i went to Kentucky to visit some family,someone got shot,so ya,and we didnt have any big fireworks either,damnit why did they have to make fireworks illegal damnit damnit damnit

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ok i gots a new site now,i wanted an original name,so i got another one,ill be addin all my freinds from this list to the one on this name


so please go visit that site,sign my guestbook,and add that name as a freind,i shall do the same after i get everyone on my friend list,and ill come sighn your guestbook,sorry i havent been to everyones site latley to comment and stuff,i have been...busy latley,my comp had to get fixed,well now it is,so ppls please please please go to that site and add me as a freind...again thank you

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Monday, June 27, 2005

You are an evil girl
You are an evil girl. Or at least you seem that
way. You like wearing dark clothes. Either you
are literally evil (world domination!) or you
just seem that way. Oh, and you seem eccentric
too. Sometimes you get really agitated and blow
your head off at the person who annoyed
you.(please rate)

what kind of girl are you?(Anime pics!)
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