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HI everyone, my name (or my nickname) is Shannisou, it stand for beautiful priestess in japanese. ^_^,even though it may sound wierd i am completely into magic. i read millions of magic realted books, one of them that i amreading right now is called SO YOU WANT TO BE A WIZARD, im on the 6th book in that series.My main hobbie at the time is drawing, i started getting books on it in 6th grade and have REALLY improved on my drawings now. and of course i LOVE anime, my fav at the moment is Inuyasha, then case closed. ialso LOVE writing stoies, i find it realy easy for me to write them because you could say i have an over active imagination :P. well thats basically it about me, leave me comments, send me a PM, and dont forget to sign my guestbook ^_^, ill get back to you A.S.A.P.

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Saturday, November 6, 2004

finally its the weekend, yesterday in history class i wasnt feeling well and i fell asleep right in the class, but my friend told me later that the teacher saw me and just smiled then kep teaching, lol i almost did the samething in language arts class but instead of a smile she would smack a ruler in my face,lol,
well later today i have to go to my aunts wedding shower then another one tomarrow, geese so many. ok well take care everyone and have a great weekend. ^_^ *falls asleep on keyboard*

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Friday, November 5, 2004

well the results so far on the requests is:
kayago asked what i love anime is in japanese its:
watashi ai anime.
and kagomecat 13 asked what her nickname is,Shiro Okami Hane, i got alot of things but this is what i picked out of all of them,
it means white mistress feather or wing. well give me more requests if you want C ya ^_^

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i found this really good program where i can translate sentances from english to japanese, or japanese to english, so i need some suggestions on some sentances, phrases, words ect.
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Thursday, November 4, 2004

YAAAAAAAAAAY, im so happy everyone, i talked to my friend the other day and she is getting back on ^_^, and my computer is getting fixed, AHHHHHHHH im so happy, i wont ned to miss all of you guys who i love so much :P, well HELLO AGAIN AND IM NOT LEAVING FOR A LONG TIME.
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