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hello ^o^ i'm sango15kirara but every one calls me Erica or Eri for short pleze leave one in my guest book or pm me. i'm a really nice person to get to know and lovee anime and animals

thanx to all of u that helped me:)
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Sunday, May 21, 2006

   wow haven't been on in months
well alot has gone on my grandfather died about a month ago took me forever to stop crying and almost killed my self since i was so close to him hehe but didn't as u can see. well i do have a my space myspace.com/deaths_lil_sis_erica if ya wanna addd me if u have one i'm there almost everyday talking to all my friends and i rp there which is fun. i'm going to a local anime coinvention in a month which is killer me and my best friend Nore r going and i might put up some photos about it. ^-^ and i mish u all so much
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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

   haha funny
at anime club 2day my friends were wirder than b4 ha. Jen(my best friend there)almost freshman napped(seinor student takes a freshman) me haha i would have let her too but i'm not allowed by the teachers rules :( anyway its fun fun well that all o and the inuyahsa episode last nite was awsome i loved i hope miroku stops thst womonizind welll ttyl ppls bye
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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

this is supper wird
my lil 5 yr old sis has a screw up her nose and needs sergery and i found out about this last nite when we went to the dentist man how the heck could it have gotten there and the doctor said its been up there for a few years wird huh well i'm really worried about her so ima ganna stay for a while c yall k and o finally midterms r over i'm so glad about that
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Sunday, February 5, 2006

sry for beinmg gone for over a month i've been busy and lost my password hehe finally found it anyway i got my hair redyed black last nite by my best friend we laghed so much afterwards and we learned to wear masks so we don't get high off the dye hehe and never walk from the mall 7 miles to a friend house we should have taken the bus to my house and my house would have been a shorter walk muwahahaha ok its late i'll be comin bacl on more c yall nite*falls asleep*


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Saturday, December 24, 2005

it's chrismas eve and tomarrows christmas yay.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

amd today is also my aunts 14th b-day so happy b-day Sam i know kinda wird how my auntis a yr younger than me o well it happened but we're like best friend so happy holodays

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