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hi this is kiba ok not really this is kibas site my real name is rob but my friends call me kiba (for some stange reason witch i found ouit to be i kinda look like him and i never noticed it except im way taller then him) so if ya whant call me kiba im tyring to post art but my scanners broke so i have to use my camera so its not very good well any way if ya coment on my stuff ill be very happy and ill respond and stuff ^-^ srry if you cant tell im a little weird but im cool at least thats what i think ya can pm me when ever ya whant for what ever ya whant so any way have fun on my site ~kiba~

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

i havent been on forever to much stuff to do i whent to a 3 dyas grace concert and it was awesome and its almost my day wow i need sleep cya
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

   hey guys
hey guys and girls sup im not gonna be here for a week camping and rockclimbing gonna be fun i just thought ya would whanna know
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Friday, July 6, 2007

About Me



Name: rob call me kiba thou
Birthdate: 1992
Birthplace: buffalo
Time you Were Born: 12:09
Nicknames: kiba
Eye color: hazel its like brown some times green others and some times blue but mostly brown
Hair color: brown
Height: 6ft 1/2inch
Left or Right Handed: right
Heritage: french german native american ect


Food: ramen
Colour: black
Number: 7
Letter: z
Season: summer i get to party in the summer
Type of Weather: burning hot or really cold
Sports team: sabers
TV ad: the magic fridge budwiser
Drink: i dunno umm pop
Alcoholic Drink: smeranoff ice i no thats spelled wrong
Chocolate Bar: hersheys
Restaurant: outbacks
Gum: dubblemint
Word: dam


Bedtime: any were freom 10 to 5 in the morning
Most Missed Memory: i cant say
Weakness: girls and im to nice
Fears: the ramens gone
First Thought Waking Up: dam you sun
Goal For This Year: get a girl friend that dosent dump me
Most Overused Phrase on an instant messenger: dam
Perfect Pizza: any pizza

This or That...

Orange or Apple juice: orange
Dog or Cat: both
Pepsi or Coke: coke
Maccas or Burger Knig: wth is maccas
Scary Movie or Funny Movies: both
Chocolate or Vanilla: choclate
Black or White: black
Truth or Dare: dare
Live Forever or Die Young: live forever untill the end of time
PS2 or Xbox 360: xbox360
Snakes or Spiders: snakes
Mud or Dirt: dirt
Gold or Silver: gold

Have You Ever...

Drunk: yes
Smoked: hell no
Done drugs: yes just drinks thou
Been beaten up: no
Done the beating up: one or twice i was just defending my self
Broken the law: umm no
Been arrested: no
Shoplifted: no
Cut your own hair: no
Burnt stuff caus you were bored: yea
Danced in the rain: yea
Had a long distance relationship: no
Eaten something off the ground, ignoring the 10 second rule: once
Been stalked: no
Skinny Dipped: no
Broken a bone: yea like 10 differnt ones
Been in an Accident: yep
Been in Love: kinda
Kissed opposite sex: no im kinda shy and when they go out with me they dump me before we do that
Kissed same sex: no

Do You...

Shower Daily: yes
Sing in the Shower: yes
Sing Well: yea
Swear: no i dont fuckin swear
Believe in Yourself: some times
Want to go to College: yes
Want to Get Married: eventualy
Want to Have Kids: yea atlesst one
Get Along With Your Parents: some times
Get Along With Your Siblings: no
Like Thunderstorms: yea there so peacefull
Play an Instrument: no i used to thou
Speak a Foreign Language: yes french
Sleep wIth Stuffed Animals: no but i use one as a pillow
Keep a Diary/Journal: no

Can You...

Roll Your Tongue in a Circle: yes
Both Ways: yes
Juggle: yes
Do the Splits: no
Say the Alphabet Backwards: yes
Write With Both Hands: yes but my handwriteing sucks any way

In a Guy/Girl...

Favourite Eye Colour: any
Favourite Hair Colour: brown or brownish blonde
Long or Short: ether
Height: not taller than me
Weight: they cant be fat but theres nothing wrong with fat girls
Clothing Style: any
Drugs and/or Alcohol: no drugs alcohol is fine thou
Love or Money: both


What's the Stupidest Thing You've Done: i made a forth of july fire work and put gun powder gass sparkerlers and chinese spiners on it and lit it by breathing fire witch caught m y hair on fire
Who Would You Want to be Stuck in an Elevator With: a hot girl or my friends
Is Your Window Open: yea
What Colour is Your Toothbrush: blue

Little Known Fact About You:

Who Is Your Longest Friend & How Long: andre 7 years
Do You Believe In Love At First Sight: yea
Did You Have Long Hair as a Kid: no but i do now
What Cell Phone Provider Do You Have: tracfone
Do You Know All The Words to the National Anthem: yea i think
Have You Ever Smoked Peanut Shells: no
Last Time You Swam in a Pool: ten to fifteen minutes ago
If You Were a Crayon What Colour Would You Be: black
Been to the Mall Lately: yea
Ever caught a Fish: yep
How Do You Cure Hiccups: slap the person across the face so they get pissed and then they stop hiccupin
What's the Stupidest Thing You've Done: didnt ya allready ask this
Can You Stick Your Fist In Your Mouth: let me try no my hands to big


More surveys @ MySpaceBulletins.com

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

   happy fourth of july
happy 4th of july a day late sorry i was partying and forgot to post

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

hey guys sorry i havent been on in a while a lot has been happinin i got grounded andungrounded then i whent to six flags xp with my girl friend and my other friends
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