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hi welcome to my site. if you want a topic discussed on my site, just comment or leave a note on my guestbook.I'll try very hard to make a good blog so enjoy! ^^

ja ne!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

   It has started...
thats right! Ive made my very 1st myotaku site! LOL so everybody I wud lyk to say halloooo and hav fun on my site! XD

my fav manga/anime are dnangel, shakugan no shana, naruto, naruto shipuuden, bleach, shaman king, deathnote, rurouni kenshin and hunter xx hunter ^^i read most of these and i really like the anime but there are to many fillers and it's so hard to find them all.

^^I'm really happy to meet you and hope you liked learnin about me ^^ leave a comment or sign my guest book! aregato gozaimasu ;D

sayonara! omae wa ecchi desu!!! LMAO <(^.^<)