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Hey there everyone!

My name's Samuze and I'm new here to the Otaku, so be gentle! *ducks and covers*

Please continue on with your little tour of my site.
I hope you like it! I'll get my music back soon. ^^; Just finding some good techno to put on here.

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Well as you can see I still have a lot of work to do on my site, so be paitient with me while I fix it all up. =D Don't forget to stop by my guestbook on your way out to leave a comment!



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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ehe... ^^;
Music: Wanderlust - Nightwish

I love this song! Xx

Well, I haven't been on much because I'm grounded... I won't be able to get much computer time for a while... so... I'm telling you all now... ^^; I guess I should start doing better in school, neh?

But don't worry! I won't be grounded when this year's Anime-Con comes like last year's and almost not be able to go! *dies* I must cosplay! XD!

So yeah! Wait for me!! XD


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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Music: None, right now.

I thought this was pretty funny. XD I just had to post it, so...

The University of Blogging

Presents to

An Honorary
Bachelor of

Majoring in
Dr. GoQuiz.com


Blogging Degree
From Go-Quiz.com


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Kingdom Hearts II Info.
Music: Passion - Utada Hikaru. =)

Well, I've doing a crapload of research on KHII lately. It's coming out in March! I'm so excited!! I've been trying to buy Chain of Memories since I haven't played it yet. I didn't know you had to play it to get the second game, so I'm going balistic. Xx; Anyways... on to the info.

Well, there's a new feature with Sora and party members (not sure if it's just Goofy and Donald or just anyone), but there's a Transformation Gauge that allows Sora to fuse with different party members. There's Red Fusion, Blue Fusion, Yellow Fusion, and Silver Fusion (my favorite). I think that's going to be really cool. ^^

The worlds that I know of are: Lion King, Atlantica, Halloween Town, Christmas Town, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron, Steamboat Willy, Agrabah, Neverland, Hercules, Hallow Bastion, and Hundred Acre Wood. There's also Twilight Town and Traverse Town is surely in it again.

The Final Fantasy characters I I know of are: Cloud (in his AC clothes), Auron, Yuna, Rikku, Paine, Squall (Leon XP), Yuffie, Aries (Aerith), Selphie, Cid, and Sephiroth. I'm not sure if Wakka and Tidus are in it again. XD And, since there's no trace of Vincent, I'm not so sure if he's really going to be in it like the rumors say. There's a possibility, though. =)

I watched the opening to KHII earlier today, and there's a lot of foreshadowing in it... I'm not going to say anything, though. There's a blonde-haired girl who I'm not sure about. I don't know if she's in CoM, or just the second one. I have thoughts about her, though... And makes me wonder something about Sora... I almost cried. XD;;

I've been playing the first game lately, though. It's only been about 8.5 hours and I'm already at Agrabah. Since I've beaten a million times before, I know what to do... Except right now, I can't remember what to do in the Cave of Wonders. ^^;;

My favorite part in the entire game is when you have to fight your shadow in Neverland, though... and I'm trying to get to that ASAP. Xx

I can't decided on who to go to this year's Anime-Con as. *dies* I'm thinking Sora or Ed... I wish I could make a poll. XD And Luzka, beware... I might glomp you down since you're gonna be Gaara. ^^

Well, this is a waay long post, so I'm going to end it here. Bye!! XD


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Thursday, January 19, 2006

   Yay! Sora!!
Music: Call Me - Nana Kitade (FMA)

I got it to work! ^^ For all you Sora fangirls like me, I hope you like it! XD My background, that is.

Anyway... I'm really excited to play the second game. ^^ Sora got way hot!

Anyway, for you KH fans who are dying to play the second game, here's an MV someone made with Passion as the song (you know, theme by Utada Hikaru). Kingdom Hearts II MV. It's so cool! It makes you want to play it even more! Unfortunately, you have to have played Chain of Memories to understand the second game, and I never have played it. I'm either going to buy it and beat it before March, or else find a huge spoilerful synopsis of it. @__@

There's an old song called "Sara," and a long time ago, I changed it to "Sora." XD It was ammusing. Argh... Sora fangirl. I hope I don't annoy anyone. ^^

Well, I'm just rambling and wanted to say I got my background to work, so... I'm ending this. Bye!!


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   HTML is hard... @__@
Music: Passion - Utada Hikaru (KHII theme)

Argh! I can't get my background to work! *dies* HTML is not my thing. *sob* I have the tags and everything good, but I put my URL for my background in, and it doesn't work! ;__;

It's a really cute one of Sora, too...

Oh yes, I was playing Kingdom Hearts earlier. ^^ I got through Deep Jungle and Wonderland in less than 2 hours. ^^ I feel happy. But... my inner Sora fangirl is surfacing again... soo...

Anyway... There's my random post. ^^; Not much to talk about, so... Ja ne!


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