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Hi its me Yoko988!^-^
On this site I will be posting me and soul-bandit-bebop's story.I hope you all like it.^-^

yes it is i soul-bandit-bebop like it matters no one knows me. i am adding this so i can atleast have some of my stuff up. peace dudes and dudedets

Saturday, July 8, 2006

   part ten
As we all gathered around the morning fire reading the invitation Ayame said “Well lets get ready we are going to win this and show them they can’t frighten us.” Sakura yawned and said “Sure whatever lets just get going already.” “Why so soon?” Makoto asked “I am sure we can get ready at the local hot springs to clear are mind and body.” “Yeah right but whatever lets go.” Sakura said with a hint of distaste in her tone of voice. After a debate for more then an hour between Makoto and chika we all agreed to go as long as kiyoshi and I did not look at them in the baths. So we packed up the camp and started down the mountain and as I packed up the tent Yumi came up to me and started a quaint little conversation. “So um…have you been to this hot spring?” Yumi asked. “No I rarely go to them. I am not a big fan of them to tell the truth.” I said tying the tent polls together. “Oh I love hot springs back when I was young my mom took me and my older sister to one on are birth days.” Yumi said with a smile and a little laugh. “So they hold fond memories for you?” I asked lifting up the base of the tent. Yumi blushed and said “yes they do. Is that stupid?” I just laughed and said “Not at all sounds nice to have a loving family.” “Oh!....did you not have a family growing up?” Yumi asked seeming startled that I said that. “No I was left in the woods where we meet. Some demon took pity on me and gave me a bit of food then tried to kill me.” I said with a yawn. “Oh that sounds bad how did you live?” Yumi said with teary eyes. “Huh oh that I had to do what I had to do to survive so I cut his head off.” I said now leaning on the tree where I had spent the night. “That seemed bad for such a little kid. How did you live on after that?” Yumi said sitting next to me. “See he wanted me to kill him my father, well the man who had me born by a stable hand’s wife, sent him to test me.” I said still tired. “I am so sorry well at least you are still alive I mean if I lost you I would… I am sorry never mind that.” Yumi said now red as the setting sun. I did not know why I did what I did next but I put my arm around her held her and gave her a kiss. After that Yumi said “I am sorry you must think I am weak and I am sorry I made you kiss me.” “You did not make me and you are not weak. Make me a promise if you would.” I said yawning. “YES! I mean ok.” Yumi said bursting with energy. “I want you to care on even after I pass on. I am sorry to say today may be my last day but do not tell the others please.” I said trying to sound nice about my death. “Ok just for you.” Yumi said cuddling up to me and lying in my arms and she whispered as she started to fall asleep “Just for you my love.” I felt so bad but we had to get to the hot springs so I carried her all the way there till she woke up in the lobby. “Where am I?” Yumi asked. “Calm down sweaty you are in the toti hot springs a young man carried you here but he is in the baths already.” The lady at the desk told her. “Oh ok sorry I yelled like that.” Yumi said now smiling. Yumi went off and got ready to go in the baths with the other girls. “So why did you carry her?” Kiyoshi asked. “Because she was sleeping.” I said. “Why did you not wake her?” Kiyoshi asked again. “She did not get a lot of sleep last night.” I said now leaving the bath. “Where are you going?” Kiyoshi asked. “I have something I have to do.” I said now walking out of the hot spring. It took only a few minutes before Yoko jumped down and said “You have sharp eyes my boy. You saw me in the bath house through all the steam.” “You sorta have some things a guy does not have and they are easy to see when you stood sideways.” I said scythe in hand ready to strike. “My aren’t we a little pervert?” Yoko said jumping down. When she landed on her feet she put a knife at my throat “Don’t worry my stunning body will be the last thing you see.” “So you think but sorry to say it will not be.” I said kicking the knife out of her hand. “No big deal I can still kill you!” Yoko yelled as she made a gust of air throw me into the bath where the girls where but before anything could be said a giant pillar of water went through my heart. “REAAAA!!!!” Yumi shouted as she ran to grab my dead body as it fell. “This is a warning to your team you all will die as easy as this fool.” Yoko said now licking some of the blood off her hand she found on a rock.

So that is part ten. Is rea dead? Is this the end? Is Yoko evil or is this another killer from rea's dad? This and maybe many more will be answered in part 11 so keep an eye out for it. I am in a writing mood so I will try and have it soon peace.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

part nine -yoko's gift^^-
We spent the rest of the night talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. After dinner I noticed Yumi was acting odd so I went over and asked “Is something wrong?” “Oh no not really just my stomach hurting me.” She said with a smile on her face and going red in the face she asked bashfully “Where you worried about me?” I just laughed and said “Yes I was but you said you are ok so I should go to bed.” “Oh ok then have a nice sleep.” Yumi said, I said same to you and went to bed but I was worried my arm was acting up and if I turned into my full demon form it would be horrible. I had no sleep that night when the sun came up I jumped down from the tree I was sleeping in to find a girl standing at the camp site. “It is early they are not up yet but can I help you?” I asked the young lady. “Oh yes you can I am looking for an item I left here would you be so kind as to help me find it?” the girl said as she stood there looking at me. “I would be glad to but first please tell me your name.” I said as I stretched. “Sorry my name is Yoko and what is your name?” Yoko asked. “I am rea so where did you last remember this item?” I asked hoping to not stay longer then I needed to. “The hot spring I think.” She said with a confused look on her face. As I walked over to her I felt as if some one was watching me but I still went and followed her to the hot spring. “I think it is at the bottom of there will you go look?” Yoko asked me acting timid. I agreed and jumped in but my arm went into scripter mood and the hot spring turned into a sphere around me. “Who are you really?” I screamed to Yoko as the water slowly collapsed into its self flooding me in. “Oh so the infamous rea can not even get out of a little bubble.” Yoko said teasing me. “You picked the wrong time to fu** with me.” I yelled as I lifted my left arm and put it up to the orb and ripped it open as the water feel back into the spring Yoko asked “How did you do that?” I laughed and said “Easy I am cursed both my left and right arms.” She looked at both my arms now covered in the writing of the dead. “So it is you” Yoko said now jumping away “I thought all of your kind was dead.” “I am the last full blooded of my kind and if you keep ticking me off I will rip your head off.” I said as I lifted my right arm now in full demon mood. “This is not worth the time but I will warn you know I will be back for what I really came for so do not kill me got that?” Yoko asked as she pulled out a tablet and left it on the ground as she then disappeared. I went and picked up the tablet and it returned me to my normal state as I pocketed the tablet. I thought I would go back to the camp and rest but everyone else was up already so there was no sleeping for me. “So who was that girl rea?” Makoto asked as I walked back. “Huh no clue what you are talking about Makoto.” I said trying to play dumb. “Yeah right you already cheating on your poor Yumi as she sat around worried half to death about you.” Makoto said to mess with my head. I just walked it off and climbed the tree and tried to go back to sleep on one of the branches when Yumi came out of her tent and called for me. “Rea there you are I was worried I heard a fight going on.” She said as she climbed the tree to the place I was. “Even if I was in the fight you know I would win.” I said. “I know that but I don’t want to loss you.” Yumi said going red in the face I just put my arms around her kissed her brow and whispered in her ear “no need to worry I am always safe.” Then I left to go get fire wood to cook breakfast as Yumi went down and talked to Makoto. “No way he really did that?” Makoto asked after hearing about what just went on in the tree half happy half upset. “Yes and then he kissed me on the forehead oh I am so happy my rea kissed me.” Yumi said almost dancing around till her stomach hurt her again. “Your stomach still hurting? Why don’t you try the hot spring? It is said to heal the body fast.” Makoto said handing her a towel and a change of clothes “Don’t worry I am sure rea and kiyoshi will not peep at us.” As they walked Yumi asked “What if rea did peep would you be mad?” “Just a bit but I can not stay mad at him but kiyoshi I would kill him if he did.” Makoto said. “Do you still like rea?” Yumi asked hiding her face in her towel. “Yumi do not ask questions you do not want to hear the answer to.” Makoto said laughing. After a few minutes of walking they came to the hot spring and Yumi asked “Are you going to join me makoto?” “Oh no dear I am here to keep an eye out for perverts” Makoto said walking off. So yumi prepare her self for the hot spring and after she got in she sank into the deep part to relax her body her mind filled with thoughts of the morning still running through her head. Then a minute later I heard a scream from the hot spring so I ran to find out what it was when I got closer I could tell it was Yumi and I heard her scream snake. So I jumped over the trees and jumped into the hot spring and swam to where she was. “Oh rea help me.” She screamed as she grabbed onto me. “I will I will just let me go.” I said as I dived under went she let me go and after a minute I came back up. “Oh get out now I am not decent.” Yumi yelled at me now jumping under the water to cover the rest of her self. “Fine I will go and here is your snake.” I said throwing the piece of drift wood next to her. As I left to dry off Makoto feel from a tree but I left as not to anger Yumi. “Darn I was sure he was going to make his move.” Makoto said as she got back up from the water. “WH…what do you mean?” Yumi said still embarrassed from when I was in there. “You have to remember he still is a guy no matter how hard he fights it he will be drawn to do stuff like this it is in his nature.” Makoto said now getting out of the water. Yumi got up and slipped on a rock and accidentally pulled off Makoto’s kimono and said “What in the world no Brest. That would mean and you kissed rea on the lips” “Silly girl love knows no gender and about what you asked me yes I still love rea so I guess that makes us rivals.” Makoto said pulling his kimono back up. “My rea will not fall for you.” Yumi said tears in her eyes now. “Well my little girly girl we will find out now won’t we?” Makoto asked. So the two walked back to the camp with not a word send in between the two of them. When they got back to the camp we already had breakfast ready so we all sat down and ate when all of a sudden Yoko came and said “You all are invited to take part in the demons of hel* tournament in one month so get ready and oh no one can back out so be ready. Good bye” Yoko said as she walked off from the camp site.

And that is part nine I know I will work on part 10 and yes it will have the start of the tournament so do not worry. This goes out to Yoko –the user not the character- HAPPY B-DAY and here is your gift early. Enjoy and hey tell what you think we work around you guys so give us your ideas and we will work with them if we can. Haha peace

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Friday, April 28, 2006

sorry not part nine but work has started on it
ok yes we are starting work on part nine we are working hard. which is odd for us we always goof off. well just so you know if this gets turned into a book all credit and copyrights go to her i am not going to be part of it so yeah if it goes big ask for her autograph now haha while it is free. well lease if you want to know why say so well read this.

i soul-bandit-bebop had no part in any of the big stuff all the ideas where hers not mine i just added details and i think the ideas are more then the words so it is all hers. peace and please enjoy part nine when it is out

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Monday, February 27, 2006

part 8 redone with my twist on it. /soul-bandit-bebop\

This time yumi came right out and said "He is not yours he is mine." Akina pulled out her sword and held it at yumi's throat and said "You have such a pretty face I really hate to ruin it with my blade." It was too much to bear so I leaped from my spot and grabbed the blade of akina's sword with my bare hand. As the blood rushed from my hand I managed to let out a single sentence. "Leave now and you will live to see tomorrow." I said sadly my demon side coming up again. She pulled the sword from my hand with one mighty pull drawing blood from my already blood soaked hand. "Oh you are bleeding" yumi said with tears forming in her eyes "I did not mean for you to get hurt." "It was inevitable no matter how you look at it. Don't worry I am not going to die."
I said smiling with my eyes closed because I well knew they where now empty and lifeless. After that we walked on as we walked sakura used her plants to heal up my hand. I had a feeling something was going to happen today but there was no way I would have know what was going to happen for as the fight was going on a girl name chika was going to have her life changed forever. The only way I know to make it make sense is to tell her story first. An alarm clock was going off at six in the morning waking up the sleeping chika. "yes it is finally here my birth day." Chika said jumping around her room with joy. "Hurry up chika your friends are already waiting for you." Came the voice of chika's mom from the bottom of the stairs. "That's right it's electives day." Chika said rushing out of her room. "Good thing you came we where about to leave." Miyu said. "That is so rude Miyu." Chika said. The two girls walked off and met up with nami the other girl they always walked with. "Well we get the new schedules today and oh by the way happy birthday chika." Nami said handing her a warped box. "Thank you so much." Chika said pocketing the box. After they got to school they noticed they had the same rooms and lockers near each other. "So do you think we will meet any cute guys this year?" Miyu asked "well it is high school so there is bound to be one or two." Nami said. After opening her locker chika got bumped by some guy who caused her to fall to the back of her locker but she keep going. Then after what seemed like ages she hit solid ground really hard do to the fact she feel a few feet from the air. Well this is where we meet up actually it was a mile away, she was being chased by a demon when kiyoshi came and killed it. "what do you think you are doing?" asked makoto. "this women was in danger so I came to her aid." Kiyoshi said. "so please tell me where my locker is?" chika asked. "I am sorry it seems this would not be your time." I said sympathetically. Then from no where makoto came and gave chika a rib crushing hug and said "sister I have missed you so much." "I am not your sister." Said chika. I grabbed makoto by the neck of her kimono and pulled her off. "I am sorry she always does that please excuse her." I sad as kindly as I could. Makoto then wrapped her arms around my neck and said "not so rough lover." Then she kissed me on the lips, so I put her down and said "what did I say about doing that?" "I am sorry." Makoto said. "So please tell me your name." kiyoshi said. Then with an odd look on her face she said "It is chika and must you rub my leg while we talk?" sakura walked up to him and gave him a speech about womanizing. "I am sorry that was rude of him I am ayame." Ayame said then going thru and introducing us all. "that fellow is kiyoshi; the odd girl who hugged you is makoto; the girl yelling at kiyoshi is sakura; the two over there is yumi and rea." Ayame said "we don't talk about it but they two are in love but they do not want to admit it." Just then chika blushed and said "wow he has two girlfriends?" "ha-ha no way makoto is only joking." Ayame said. "well you are already here why don't you join our family?" "oh thank you." Chika said. That was how our family grew one more. "I guess we will be making camp." I said. "ok kiyoshi why don't you gather the wood, makoto and sakura please get the food ready to cook and rea go get the camp up and get ready to prepare a nice dinner for chika and the rest of us." Ayame said. We all went off and did as we where told.

Haha well this time I will not end in a cliff hanger because I plane to have part 9 out soon. So enjoy and please tell me what you thought. peace

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

um...yes once again it is soul-bandit-bebop
ok i am going to rewrite part 8 and post it when it is done so maybe tomorrow or at least i will sometime next week. so keep an eye out for it. i thank you all for reading yoko's and my story. peace
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