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Tuesday, November 9, 2004

   Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi.

You're lemon yaoi. You are a perpetually horny
freak. But hey, who cares, lemons are life.

What kind of yaoi are you?
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We're only a little over one week into November, and insanity has already taken a firm grip on my little dimension. Here's a list of great ideas that have been generated recently.

4. Microwaving Chiclets by Onii-chan. [Sticking all the Chiclets in the house (a great deal) in the microwave and seeing what happens.]

3. Blowing up Time by Random Person at Onii-chan's "school". [Kind of self explanatory. A plot that rivals my 'setting fire to the universe' theory.]

2. Afro Bomb from Guilty Gear. [This invention was brought to my attention by the great Setzer. How I wish I had one of these.]

1. Invinci-turtles by Kev. [ You know turtles, right? What is their one weakness??? Falling on their backs. So... if you tape on turtle to another turtle... it's invincible. Truly a weapon to be ph33r'd.]

Also, Godel's idea of some sort of Anti-Brownie association was up there on the Insanely Brilliant list. But that was totally thought up last month.


Sing with me: Baaaten Kaitos, Baaaaten Kaitos! Hunters, Echoes, Hunters, Echoes! DS SP PSP AW:UF!!! Thousand. Year. Door! Or you could just sing "What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor. Or Hotel California, even.


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