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Thursday, November 4, 2004

   Gropin' Stuff.

Hey, remember me? Prolly not.

I've decided to come back from the dead again and visit your sites. Just like old times, man.

Holy crap, I didn't make a post about Halloween or nothin'. FOR SHAME!!! Ah well, I was Red Link. My stichin' was bitchin'. SLASH AND BURN FO' EVA!

I also didn't make a VOTE KERRY!!!ish rant. Not that it would've mattered, anyways. >_> Man, after I heard about said tragedy, I started making funny noises and then laughing hysterically for minutes on end. I kinda calmed down after spilling a full glass of ice water on my crotch, though. The hotel staff wasn't amused. Right now I'm just confused and saddened. I honestly don't understand. But that's old news.

So, yeah, as some of you may have heard, I ran away to Halifax for three days for no grood reason except Take Your Kid To Work day. My mom called me in math class and was all like; "Hey! Wanna come to NS with me and watch me ask the Minister of Health Promotion [the hell?] embarassing questions?" [Like why the minister of freakin' Health Promotion makes money off of gambling addicicts that end up killing themselves.] So I agreed. Who wouldn't?

I love Halifax. After the first few minutes in t3h city, I found the two comic stores, two of those delightful little L-Space bookstores run by delightful little hairy people, and the pr0n store. [Dude. The comic store was underneath it. So not my fault.]

It's cool, but it's MoHP is a dickwad. Don't tell him I said that.

THAI!!!! FOOD!!!!!!!!!!

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