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What Is Your Battle Cry?

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I am still cleaning my room I started monday night. The only time I get to work on it is at night because my dad is alseep because he worked the night before. We had a wicked storm this mornbeen getting up at 5:30 to get back in to school routine. I am tired and I haven't watch tv since monday.ing that woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep. The storm woke me up at 4:26 and I have been getting up at 5:30 to get back in the school routine. I am tired and I haven't watch tv since monday.


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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I am done with the story I
go on and on about it so I
am done. I had a werid
dream on monday night.
The dream

It was the first day of school
my school didn't have resigton
so they brought our enrollment
sheets to us in the morning of
the first day of school. I was
walking a few of my friends to
our lockers one of my friends
have already told me my locker
number but I have
forgotten it so I ask her
again she said she didn't
know by that time the girl
with the enrollment sheets
was coming to us and I got
my enrollment sheet and I
look at my schedule and my
locker number. I went to
locker number 354 and I open
the locker and somebody had
already put
their stuff in there and it
was a mess so I had
a friend of mine look and
she fixed the books for me
I then put my stuff in. That
is when I
woke up with a jerk that
someone was pulling me
back to my bed and
my room
and earth for that

Any questions for me?

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Whats up?

I am at my moms for seven months. I just found out last night that the puzzle I bought had a newspaper glue to it and the newspaper is 18 years old. The year is 1989.


Robbie said but I am older then they are. Kimberley and Robert said that doesn't mean anything. By the time they were done with their argument Kelly was done with the phone. Kelly then went and seen if the computer was open which is wasn't because Michael was on so kelly check the time that Michael sign on which was 3 hours ago. Kelly then went and told her mom that Michael was on the computer for 3 hours. Kimberley got up and shut the computer down and told Michael that he was grounded and then Kimberley called a family meeting. Kimberley said that she was tired of everyone trying to use the phone and computer long then they were suppose to so the only people who are allowed to use the phone and computer are Kelly, Jessie your dad and I. That means Robbie and Michael you are grounded. Oh and if you want to use the computer and phone you have to come to one of us to sign you on. Do I make myself clear?

Qutoe of the week
"The good part of recovery is that you get your feelings back; the bad part is that you get your feelings back."

Ah, the paradox of recovery (one of many). When I was 'out there' I had an easy way of dealing with my feelings - I'd numb them out. Unable to feel or even acknowledge them, I'd drift through the complexities of relationships and situations, neither growing nor evolving. In fact I've heard it said that we come into the program emotionally defined by the age we started drinking and using.

So here I was a 37 year old man with the emotional maturity of a young 16 year old. And here came a bewildering onslaught of FEELINGS. Shame, fear, rage, regret, resentment - the range, depth and color of my feelings were overwhelming. How could I survive?

Over time I learned that my feelings were not going to kill me. I learned that although sometimes painful and unwanted, my feelings were valid and each had something valuable to teach me. Through working the program I developed tools to process them and soon learned to give them the space and respect they deserved. Today my feelings are teachers, and all teachers are welcome.

Question of the day
What is your favoite time of day?


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