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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

   What Grownups do ((through my way))~
Hi, Sakura Kokoro, here....um, k well, being a grownup, u gotta do what grownups do right?

Ok, let's see:

1)Learn how to drive...half-check
((got to book lesson 6, driving on the freeway~))

2)Do the rice...check
((when I say that, that means, clean the rice and cook it...haha, I learned how to by my mom and its fun ^_~ And also its considered to be an adult thing since my mom always did that))

3)Make wallpapers...check
((Kinda progressing, eh? **crickets chirp** Right then...))

4)Become a pharmacist...no check
((Technically I wanted to be a manga-ka/fashion designer but ah, heck my mom wants me to this first, so whatever~ Love my mom ♪))

Ah, so that's...not really what grownups do, huh? ^^;

hehe :p

-Sakura Kokoro

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