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If you want to be my buddy just add me!! I love people and talking and walks on the beach! Just kidding about the beach part...but they are nice...

Music is my life. Here's a taste of my fave bands/singers. (Note this is definitely not all of them): Origa, Utada Hikaru, Panic! at the Disco, HelloGoodbye, Emery, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Underoath,Gackt, Glay, Morning Mesume(prob spelled wrong),Panda,Armor for Sleep, Falling View, Hollywood Undead, anything Techno, Chiodos,Relient K,Saosin...I'm running out of space!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

well hello you guys!
I haven't written in ages!
My summer consisted of working 40 hours a week to earn money for my trip to Orlando with the band and choir. Then marching practice started at the end of July so i've been pretty busy.
It's my senior year! I'm excited and sad cuz I'm gonna leave behind so many people that I love to be with! How has everyone been yo? lol
I play the saxaphone now and I'm preparing to visit some colleges and trying out for there music scholarships with my mystical flute lol Hopefully being able to play another instrument and singing will boost my appeal.
so my tan finally came and it came in a blaze of glory! it was beautiful! i do believe you could say i looked like a greek goddess lol
man life goes by so fast
everybody keep in touch!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

so I had my oral surgery today...it was a good experience...lol I don't remember anything but getting stuck with the IV but I got to keep some teeth out of the whole ordeal! Teeth roots look so weird! The pain pills arent' really working but it's not really that bad. My face wasn't even terribly swollen which is a plus! lol

Mashed potatoes and tomato soup for life!

Anyways the movie Blood and Chocolate is amazing and I highly recommend it to any of those who like kinky werewolves and Hugh Dancy...

My summer has been so fun so far I'm actually surprised! Lots of places to see and parties to go to. Woo hoo!

Yeah my tan isn't really coming along at all...

I love salmon sushi!

Black Cat is a pretty good manga series...

I'm really out of it right now from my medication someone take me away from this computer!!!!

Tah Tah!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Oh my gosh hello!
It's been ages since I've gotten on this thing!

Well here's the update of my life...I now have gold braces (my first step to grillz)lol, as always I'm having plenty of luck when the gentlemen :), I have to get 4 teeth pulled this month to make room for my other teeth, I'm a freakin' senior!!!, I have been accepted onto staffing with Key Energy (my first job ever in the history of my life and I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda nervous), I am taking flute lessons to prepare for college, I rock at guitar hero,my lil bro is in a band, and I am currently a groupie for 3 bands!!!!

Thank you, thank you. lol

What's everyone been up to? I've been trying to tan but it's coming along very slowly....my mom looks like a mexican why can't I? lol But once again just to clear it up I am not hispanic...even though this hunk of a man thought I was (he really was hispanic so why couldn't he tell if I was or wasn't of his own ethnicity?)

Sonic's 99 cent root beer floats rock hardcore by the way!


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