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hello. hola. um...konechiwa. (yes, i probably spelled that wrong.) i'm half-asian. and um...i am proud to admit i am OBSESSED with anime, manga, j-rock, Miyavi, and My Chemical Romance. (mostly Miyavi and MCR.)i also started cosplaying in 2006. Cosplaying is very fun. ^_^
eeeekk! I can't wait 'til AX'07!

these are my slaves. *big smile* kidding.

*gasp* my 2 favorite things combined!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

okay, so yesterday my friend and i went to Anime Expo. here is the story.
BADGE PICKUP: it was cool because we accidentally went through the exit door for badge pick up and one staff member just told us," it's okay, just go through and get your badge." so we got to cut this HUGE line. XD
OPENING CEREMONIES: the announcer apologized that SOS Brigade hadn't arrived from the airport yet and introduced the rest of the guests (S.K.I.N. wasn't introduced)after we left the opening ceremonies was asked a staff member were the line for S.K.I.N. tickets are. he said, "Premier or general seating?" we said, "General seating." he replied, "The line is to your right."
11:00 AM-2:30PM: we were waiting this long to get tickets. by 2:30 the line had grown to twice its size!
2:30PM-about 5:00PM: got tickets. but my friend got put in section AA and i got put in section J. T_T any who...we were now waiting to be let in so we can get seated. Every one was really impatient because we were supposed to be let in AT 2:30. during the whole wait we could hear S.K.I.N. practicing. XD
5:00PM-6:00PM: inside the arena. either tribal or demented circus music would be playing through the speakers... one of the staff members said that he wouldn't care if my friend and i sat next to each other. b^-^d sooooo, we got pretty good seats. the only difference between us and those who paid $50 for premier tickets was that we were on this 5-inch lift-thingy...dont know how to explain it. @_@ eventually, my friend and i got a t-shirt that said S.K.I.N. and i met some girls that are from the same city as me. at about 6:00 the 3 huge screens that were near the stage stopped showing a black screen that read S.K.I.N. in white and started showing this blotchy gray background and playing this music with really fast piano and screeching guitar. so cool, so cool. 5 minutes later the lights dimmed and then the name Gackt.C came up on the screen. we all started cheering. then Miyavi's name came, then Sugizo's, then Yoshiki's. not even one second after Yoshiki's name faded away the curtains dropped and on the stage was S.K.I.N. rocking out hxrdcore.
THE CONCERT: ohmygosh. we were all jumping around and screaming. their music is fantastic. everyone in S.K.I.N. had so much energy. Miyavi would climb up on this HUGE amp and one time he struggled to get up. it was so Kawaii hed also spin around and jump around. ^-^ tee hee. he would also take little breaks and just stand there on stage picking at his finger nails. O_O (in case anybody was wondering...Sugizo was also the guitarist. the bassist was Ju-Ken from GacktJob.) ohmygosh. i can't even describe some of the spectacular things that happened.
During one song, Gackt said...okay shouted ,"OKAY! LET'S INTRODUCE THE MEMBERS OF S.K.I.N.!!! MIYAVI!!!!" then Miyavi did a guitar solo. then he individually introduced Ju-Ken, Sugizo, and Yoshiki as they did solos on their instruments. then he introduced Miyavi and Ju-Ken 5 more times. after that Gackt shouted, "WHO AM I!?!?" 20 times and we shout back, "GACKT!" 20 times. then Gackt shouted, "WHAT ARE WE!?!?" 50 times,i am NOT exaggerating here, and we would shout, "S.K.I.N.!" there were times in between all this when Gackt shouted,"GET BACK!" repeatedly and we'd also shout GET BACK! Jdjhfdrygy so amazing. i almost got Yoshiki's water bottle but if rolled off the lift so nobody got it. the music started to fade and all of the sudden people were leaving and S.K.I.N. was gone.
no autograph lines happened though.
it's weird to think about it. 4 of Japan's greatest Jrockers were right there. in front of me. it's so amazing. i loved it.

cameras and recording devices weren't allowed in the arena but i snuck a few pics until this one staff member said he was kicking me out if i didn't put my camera away. ugh...i was going to record one of the songs on video mode. sorry, the pictures are so big.
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Friday, August 18, 2006

   my summer break
ah, even though i only have 2 friends that actually LOOK at my profile, i'm still going to post a post. ^-^
the 12 (i just picked a random number) highlights of my summer break

1. i realized my mom complains a lot. not good.
2. i also realized my brother is annoying. also not good.
3. i realized out of all my friends i like being with phantomstep the most. *talking to phantomstep* YEA THAT BETTER MAKE YOU FEEL SPECIAL! (i realize a lot of things)
4. my friend melissa is more obsessed with fruits basket than i thought.
5. oh, i got melissa to like fruits basket. *big smile*
6. i've never loved anime so much.
7. uh...Vic Mignogna touched my shoulder at AX. um...???????
8. ask the sohmas is the bestest website for furuba fans.
9. phantomstep got me into d.n.angel. dark. *wink wink*
11. read chapters 129-131 of fruits basket.
12. me, phantomstep, and this girl named heather form the female version of the Mabudachi Trio.

there you have it! my 12 highlights of summer break!

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