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I'm Sakima. I know its not a very cool name, well i made it up so no wounder, but i started to draw mange when i was in gr. 5 and now i'm in gr.8 and i still stinks so i need lots of constructive critisisome or recemandation of something to draw to help me get better. Also my friend(keeps going) is Chinatsu, the amazing drawer. She showed me manga and anime and it went from there. Well that alittle of my history so one more thing to say!
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thanks for reading this! ^^

Sakima ^^

Sunday, December 30, 2007

   New Years
I'm having this New Years sleepover party thing Monday but so far two friends are comming and one is only staying for the party so their will only be 1 person who sleeps over. I would have 4 but they're not answering me. Its been a week sense they've been on and I'm kinda sad :(
I hope they e-mail me I really to say they can come want to have more friends to party with.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

   The Legende of Zelda four swords adventure
A couple of weeks ago we beat our first legende of zelda game! I was so happy and proud! ^^ IT was hard and it about a year (but we didnt play it constitly), but we had fun! Our next zelda game is the windwaker. I we're stuck at a point you'll hear from me! Well so far we only made it to the first fortress and we're still woundering around it. My brother wants to use youtube but I won't let him! I don't belive in cheating (enless its been like a couple of weeks then I'll start asking for help). Also Me and chinatsu are goign to trade games..... eventually..... well when we remeber to.
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