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whatz up well my name is saiyukigod=]
i would love to get to know u so please come sign my g-bO_ok
this is my first time submitting art anywhere so i would love 4 u 2 comment and rate-check my art out
my profile accidently got deleted so sorry:)
umm..personals-i live in a box on the outskirts of the universe
my favorite anime:
samurai champloo
cowboy bebop
fma and many many more
also feel free to add me as your friend or PM at anytime=]i'll write back
please comment on my posts again im new at this><
**ps sign my g-book-please*puppy dog eyes*

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

   sorry i'm never here anymore
i'm always on DA so i never come here as much as i use too- i just check so if you really truly want to speak with me go to DA at http://sai-sama.deviantart.com/ or PM me, i usually check here though :) oh HAPPY 4TH OF JULY- WOOT!!!! i'm late :P
i'm in love with this new anime and manga called LOVELESS!! X3 i love it so much XD so here are some pics

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