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My name is Rawra.My birthdayís at October 19 Iím 12. I have my mum, dad, three brothers, the biggest one is married so, sister-in-law and 1 nephew.

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

What anime kiss are you?"
You're a Goodbye Kiss...
You have a goodbye kiss...sweet and romantic, but
tragic. Is your beloved one leaving?

What anime kiss are you?
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What's your anime-girl steriotype
You're still a kid, don't you?! Your naivity and happyness are your charm! Just try to be more serious, sometimes you forgett this is the real world. Remember: u can't fly!
Childish Girl:
You're still a kid, don't you?! Your naivity and
happyness are your charm! Just try to be more
serious, sometimes you forgett this is the real
world. Remember: u cannot fly!

What's your anime-girl steriotype?!
brought to you by Quizilla

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IF you werent human WHAT would you be
An alien! Because you arent one of us! You never
know whats happen around you and you have a
serious problem with our language!!! You have
to think REALLY careful before you answer a
question and walk REALLY slothful cause you
DONT want that we noted that you EAT WITH YOUR
ASS!!! Right?

IF you werent human WHAT would you be? [ CUTE PICKS!!!]
brought to you by Quizilla

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HOW are you TODAY
You are... OK! That's true! You are perfectly
normal and happy!

HOW are you TODAY? [anime picks^^]
brought to you by Quizilla

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Are you Spring, Summer, Auntum or Winter?
You are Summer!!! You like the sun, you like the
water and you LOVE the beach!!!

Are you Spring, Summer, Auntum or Winter? [ WITH BEAUTIFUL ANIME PICKS!!!]
brought to you by Quizilla

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What Different Element Are You?
You are Balance. The Balance Element is the balance
between Light and Dark. Balance was created
when the two Elements,Light and Dark,where at
battle and threw their Dark and Light magic at
eachother at the same time. Coliding with the
magic,Balance was born. Balance keeps track of
her creators,making sure there is an equal
amount of Light and Dark in the world. Being
made up of two elements,Balance's mood changes
rapidly. Being Balance,you have both Elements
inside of you,meaning you are a moody person.
Sometimes social and sometimes anti-social.
Your Elements would be Light and Dark. And your
creature would be a werewolf! Congrads! You're
the Balance between Light and Dark! ^^

What Different Element Are You? For Girls only! Lovely Anime Pictures!
brought to you by Quizilla

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What Type of Anime Angel are You
You are a Light Angel. The next best thing to God
himself. Light Angels are cheerful and
caring,and a real people person. They can't
stand being lonely or left out of things and
dispise devils or other evil creatures.
Sometimes they can be judgemental,meaning even
though a person is different and seems to be
evil they really aren't. Light Angels stay in
Heaven with God,keeping an eye on the mortal
world below them. They would never kill,but try
to defend themselves if possible

What Type of Anime Angel are You? For Girls only. With lovely anime pictures!
brought to you by Quizilla

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What's wrong with me
What is it that you want?
Feels like i'm fighting to stay near you
Why do you keep pushing me away?
What is it about me you donít like?
I have so much to offer and you know that I do
Iím beautiful why canít you see
Feel like Iím disease when I near you
I know I look like a fool hanging by you
Guess Iím just a clown
Why do I like you like this
Why do I put up with this?
Who is going to offer a love like this?
You wonít find a love as good as mine
But I guess you'll never know
You donít even want to look my way
Yet when you fall I run to catch you
Starting to hate myself for being like this
Why donít people care when my tears fall down
No one understands you like I do
I treat you like no other would do
Why are you like this
How can I like some one like this?
Breaks my thinking

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Whatís on your mind?
Whatís on your mind?
Why isnít it me
Are you just blind?
Or donít you wanna see

Donít you feel my words?
Canít you hear my heart?

Itís screaming for you
But a small whisper
Steals your attention
What can I do?
You wonít accept my affection

Donít you like what you hear?
Iím offering my world to share
Iím giving you my dreams and
You donít seem to care

I just donít know what to say
Or how to react
It doesnít seem right
How can you be like that?

You ignore my everything
So why do I call
Itís always been about him
Thereís nothing here for me at all

Is it sad what I do?
Cos I feel kinda low
Am I bothering you?
I really need to know

I struggle for a reason
For this game that you play
You try so hard to please him
Itís time to give up and listen
To what I have to say

Look I canít take anymore
Iím down to my knees
I was strong before
Now Iím begging you please
Get out mind, Iíd rather be alone
Than to waste my whole life
Feeling like a thorn

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To those with shouldn't love
A lonely beat flows through my veins
I seem to spend my life looking for you.
The thing that brings my happiness never has.
Though my mind just wants more
Deep down my heart cryís for it to stop.

When I get the strength to go through
Then they come along and break me again.
I wish the world could see me
I wish the world could appreciate me.

I dress myself till I look so pretty
And wait for just one response of love.
Foolishly I break my heart over you again and again
Have you ever noticed me or thought of me
My thoughts of you are everlasting and desperate.

Do you even hear me?
Have you ever seen me?
I know I canít wait for you any longer
And I know I will wait here for you forever.

As endless as time, my head spins
Thoughts and feelings bear me down, till I canít breath
Love is suffocating me
I would tear out my heart and burn my soul
Just to see a sense of joy in your eyes

Although my heart aches and my pillow is full of tears
I would wait here forever
What kind punishment is this?
Regret and desire.

In a house full of love and joy
How can a man feel so cold?
I sit at home alone thinking of what I could of done
And what I should do
But when the time comes youíre not even there

Why must I hate me?
Why canít I stand me?
Without you, I would love me
Without knowing you, I would respect me
Why must I have you?
Why canít I have you?
Why do I need you?
Why must you hurt me?
Pick me back up, and break me
Seem to love me, only to hate me

Iím the laughing stock of the world
Yet there is not one, true laughter for me
Only a hundred fake smiles, I wear to please you

Though someday they ill save this tear falling from my face
And so it begins again

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To those we shouldn't love
One day I will have the strength to not even see you
And you will beg like I did for you
Iím going to build myself up so I can break you down
And the world will want to see me
And the world will appreciate me

And my smile will be everlasting
And my joy will bring the house down
But donít worry loneliness I wonít forget you
When they see me it will be spectacular
They will want to hold on to me so desperately
I can imagine the yearning in their eyes
I can imagine the pain in their hearts
I will control your emotions
Like you all controlled mine

And to my companions
That day I will realise the love you had for me
To get me through these cold days
I will find a way to double it and repay you
Because thereís no more broken hearts for me
And no more sad days for you

Iím sitting in my room
But Iím thinking what I will do next
Not you
Because Iím not think of you tonight

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To My On going Strength
After time we all find, all people can be paper thin
Yes we all have faults and I know we all make mistakes
But that doesnít mean that those mistakes donít hurt
I wish they didnít but believe me they do

I feel sometimes I would be better off alone
At least then I can say I am for responsible
I canít find an answer to why people hurt people
I have searched so hard to find out
Why has their heart turned out like that?
Do they ever realise what itís like to be hurt
How can people still do it when they know

I always end up believing thatís its me
Somehow I get confused and think people hurt me cos
I have done things to hurt them
Well NO, I guess last night I found that people are vindictive
When they find someone else is happy or has something good
Itís so sad knowing that deep down no one wants to see youíre happy
Hey! Except your family (and you my on going strength)

You can see annoyance in their heart
And feel their lack of care in their eyes
When youíre happy youíre bragging
When youíre smiling their jealous
It kills any joy you have inside

I think its time I let go
I have my family and my ongoing strength and of course Allah
Itís crazy the best relationships we have is the ones that lay in the heart
The ones that donít call, you the ones you donít see
The ones that are always there
Even when youíre alone and sad
The ones that keep you warm when you walk home

I donít wanna be alone
But I can

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The magic is you
Each time the wind blows
I just long to be close
To youíre embrace
Because thereís a warmth in my heart
Knowing you care.
Such a tender a love just sweeten the air
And in my every breath
Holds a sweet memory that was once there

So when I lay here alone
And dream of the world
Iím flying on a carpet just me this girl
Weíre flying so high
Through that paradise sky

But if you werenít here what would I do?
Because I now realise that itís so true
That when I look deep in your eyes
Iíve found that this magic is all you.

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Some words that are special
I want to say some words that are special to me and to you
Cos I have never pledged like this before

I was just a guy
Looking for a girl
Trying to be happy
In such an unkind world
Now, I feeling crying when I understand
That instead I found an angel
Who would hold my hand
Tears of joy god blessed me with
That help to honour all the love you give

I want you to know
You are in my heart
When ever Iím alone
Or feel lost
I know your presence
Will walk me home

Although we canít be together
You are my secret love
Youíre in my heart forever
The one Iím dreaming of
Please donít be sad
About the way things are
I know itís easy
When we are so far
But try and think
Of the memories we had

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Second best
Let me tell you how it feels to be second best
Itís like there is nothing you can do, to be the one
No matter how much heart you have, or how good you are
It will never matter, or make a difference

Itís like every time you try, people will laugh
You end up laughing at yourself
Cos if you donít laugh, youíll cry

You just wanna get away from it all
Get away from everyone
You wanna prove them wrong
Then you think whatís the point, cos you know you canít.

Whatever is the reason for you losing
It will never make sense to you
Who is high and who is low is a sense of perception
A question of the mind
And you will never understand their minds
So donít try

In fact we donít even understand our own minds
Who is beautiful who is not?
Everyone has beauty but not everyone sees it
So beauty, do we decide that or is it pre-installed in our heads?
Is it something we canít and maybe shouldnít change.

I feel Beauty a matter of taste,
I believe that it must exist like that
We all must win some and lose some
Otherwise we would all fall for the same person
All fall for one girl (I guess sheís a winner!
I guess she will pick a guy, and the rest of us guys will all lose!)

Thatís why loves a funny thing, to some we are always second place
And then to others we will never be, thatís cos to them weíll always be the best

So never be sad youíre second cos we all are
And remember at the same time we are all first. So smile

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Iím living as some else to you keep you in my heart
They would take my soul and keep us apart if they knew the truth
When will I be allowed to breathe your name?
When will I ever see your face?
Iím in a world that that wonít let me be
I must face the world with a smile I cannot feel
Somehow I know you are screaming out to me
Each night your love fills my eyes
Since that night the arranged marriage changed our lives

I know we werenít meant to love
But still how can a man meet an angel and keep his heart
I never had the words to say how much I felt
I know it is worthless to say since we are no longer
Iím dying every second to hold you near
How am I to live a new life I never wanted?
You love keeps me alive, only to tear me down every moment
I miss you and our time
Itís like a memory I canít remember
Cos I m been forced to forget

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Lesson time
Well Iím in lesson and my headís still consumed with you.
I have 45 minutes, damn how will I make it through?
Man itís crazy how Iím mad for you,
But when I close my eyes itís time again for our rendezvous.

Yes I want to be free of these thoughts,
But I cant. Didnít want any others,
Itís you Iíve always sought.

We hear so many love songs, but now they have meaning.
When a man cries, I understand the feeling.
I realise that the hurt and sorrow is very piercing.
It breaks even the strongest heart Ďtil itís cold and shivering,
Then leaves itís mark so it hurts just living.
Should have known about this feeling from the beginning,
But men will always crave women to give their lives meaning.

Well the lesson is nearly finished now but donít know what heís saying.
Missed the pearls of wisdom the lecturerís been giving.
Damn itís a weird life Iím living

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Waiting for love
Here I stand again
As she passes me by
She hasnít noticed me again
I never even caught her eye

And though I smile, my heart is in tears
I wish our worlds could collide
Cos sheíd smash all my fears
Cos all I fear is her
Not wanting to be by my side

Will she ever know what I m about?
Will she ever care?
I need to know,Cos itís starting to rain
And I m still standing there

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Iím worthless
Iím ugly
I donít be wanna be me
I just wanna it to stop
I canít escape this, Iím trapped
Every now and then I wonder are these words true
Or is it just how Iím feeling.
Iím so certain I was great once
What happened to me
So easily we can decline

Why do you think they are better than me?
I have so much to much offer
Why donít you see me?
Is it me who is blind to the truth?
Is that the truth?
Or is it just how Iím feeling
Everyday I grow old
Soon my time will be here
Will I be ready? Because Iím so far behind
I have so much to do

What good is a table with a broken leg
Even though the frame is good
I guess it has become worthless
What good am I with a broken heart
Even though the surface is good
I guess I have become worthless

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Goodnight girl
You know me so clearly
And see how I try
You feel me, and heal me
And you wonít let me cry
You keep me so near you
And yet see me from so far
But I wonít a tell soul
I wonít tell at all
About my goodnight girl
Doesnít matter how sad he made you
Doesnít matter how hard i cried
Just remember the same old reason
Things are easier
By each otherís side
My Goodnight girl

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Broken silence
Broken silence by the tears in my eyes
Washing down my face
But they canít wash my heart
Of this everlasting pain

Proud of whom I am
Happy for myself, as a girl
But the world wonít accept me, as I am
They discriminate, wonít see me as I stand

My love, my friends will leave me one day
I must hide my tears though (I canít show I cry)
Because I wonít show that itís true (that Iím broken)
I am the strength that shouldnít die
The smile that keeps them warm
But wonít some one love me?
Why canít the clown laugh for himself?
Why canít the joker hear a joke?

I feel so cold
Yet I know Iím beautiful
Wouldnít change a thing
Why canít they see it?
Are they blind or am I?

Am I rejected by society?
Or donít I accept their view
Maybe itís the same thing.

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