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Irrashimase! I am Videl An Old member of this site, but guess what?! I HAVE RETURNED!My First AMV EVER:
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Enjoy My Second AMV...Its Some Nice Rude/Reno Yaoi! Angel says it scares small children....

Sunday, August 7, 2005

   My life
Lately I have been hapily continueing my relationship with my boyfriend Angel
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Sunday, October 19, 2003

   Update! As The Saiyan Turns!!!
Hello! This is Videl of course. Here is an update:
Gohan and Videl were fighting Naraku [yes he IS from InuYasha sue me! lol j/k] Naraku took over Pan and consumed her. Than Gohan shoved a pole into his stomach and almost died. I got out my Yukai-Wish-Dragon and wished for him to live!!! He Lives!
We killed Naraku...not knowing Pan wopuld die with him. wHEN gOHAN WAS DEADfor a couple of seconds a spirit told him the strongest in the world would be sacridficed...

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Saturday, September 13, 2003

   As The Saiyan Turns
Videl: NO! But what if I can give you someone else, ONI GUMO! A priestess, your heart longs for, KIKYOU, She is soo powerful.
Naraku: SHUTUP!
*naraku stabbs gohan in heart* Not even your sacred wishing stone could wish him back hahahah
Videl: GOHAN! *tears well in eyes*
Naraku: I will revive him if you become my puppet!
tasuke_girl: I will be your SLAVE not YOUR Puppet Naraku
ekmysticgohan1: Fine. Then you agree?
tasuke_girl: ............yes
tasuke_girl: i agree!
ekmysticgohan1: Excellent...
tasuke_girl: NOW REVIVE GOHAN
ekmysticgohan1: *Casts a spell* Live!
ekmysticgohan1: *Awaken* Huh....? W-w..hat happened...?
tasuke_girl: gohan? your alive
tasuke_girl: !
ekmysticgohan1: I...I am!
tasuke_girl: *runs to gohan gives him a hug*
ekmysticgohan1: *Hugs back*
tasuke_girl: oh, i missed you
ekmysticgohan1: All I remember is being stabbed...then everything went black...
ekmysticgohan1: Are you ok?!
tasuke_girl: ......
tasuke_girl: yea.......
ekmysticgohan1: What's wrong?
ekmysticgohan1: And why in Naraku not attacking/
ekmysticgohan1: ?
tasuke_girl: i...i
tasuke_girl: i have to go with him
tasuke_girl: to have you live
ekmysticgohan1: WHAT!?
ekmysticgohan1: HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!?
tasuke_girl: Naraku said if I become his slave You can live again
ekmysticgohan1: :'-(
ekmysticgohan1: This...this cannot be...
tasuke_girl: I still don't wanna leave you
tasuke_girl: but I....
ekmysticgohan1: NO! I cannot allow this to happen!
tasuke_girl: I.....he wouldn't kill me, so i i have to
ekmysticgohan1: NOOOOOO!
tasuke_girl: I don't wanna leave you I don't know when we can see each other......
ekmysticgohan1: Huh? Why?
tasuke_girl: I don't wanna go with him, yet the only way I can escape is.........deth
tasuke_girl: *death
ekmysticgohan1: I CANNOT KILL YOU!
tasuke_girl: well then I have to go
ekmysticgohan1: I think...you must do that unimaginable...
ekmysticgohan1: ...and unleash 100% of your power...
tasuke_girl: what?
tasuke_girl: okay *holds sacred rock*
tasuke_girl: *goes Yukai*
ekmysticgohan1: *Gasps*
tasuke_girl: I'm at ALMOST max
ekmysticgohan1: What the...!? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!?
ekmysticgohan1: WE HAD A DEAL!
tasuke_girl: So did you and KIKYOU, no buggue, right?
tasuke_girl: biggie*
ekmysticgohan1: GRRR....
ekmysticgohan1: Fine! You want to backdown after an agreement was reached??? SO BE IT! AKI - POWER UP AND ATTACK!
tasuke_girl: Yes Master
tasuke_girl: *powers up*
tasuke_girl: I wish my Aki could only power up 1%
tasuke_girl: What the ?
ekmysticgohan1: *Casts a spell* NEGLECT!
ekmysticgohan1: Have you forgotten so soon? Your precious stone is null unless I allow it to work!
tasuke_girl: I wish Naraku could cast no more spells,
ekmysticgohan1: *Casts a spell* NEGLECT!
tasuke_girl: Mabey my stone but
tasuke_girl: i have another sorce of power!
tasuke_girl: i call apon Parunga and my wishes are
ekmysticgohan1: Eh?
ekmysticgohan1: whoops
ekmysticgohan1: [sorry, supposed to be red]
tasuke_girl: 1. Naraku could cast no spells
ekmysticgohan1: Oh, no! THE DRAGON!
tasuke_girl: 2. Aki is put to rest
tasuke_girl: 3. a new pair of boots size 9 please
ekmysticgohan1: *Falls down anime style* *Falls down anime style*
ekmysticgohan1: *Casts a spell* NEGLECT! *Sees that it does not work* WHAT!?
ekmysticgohan1: THIS...IS...IMPOSSIBLE!!!
tasuke_girl: hahaha
ekmysticgohan1: Really?! Aki - arise and attack!
ekmysticgohan1: *Notices that nothing happens*
ekmysticgohan1: YOU DEMON FIEND!
ekmysticgohan1: *Pulls out his sword, powers up, and starts to attack Videl and Gohan*
tasuke_girl: uuug
tasuke_girl: !
tasuke_girl: GOHAN!
tasuke_girl: *RUNS IN FRONT OF GOHAN
ekmysticgohan1: NOOO!!!!!!!!!!
tasuke_girl: *Gets stabbed
ekmysticgohan1: VIDEL!?!?!?!?!??!?
tasuke_girl: What?
tasuke_girl: You think that hurt?
ekmysticgohan1: You are...ok?
tasuke_girl: yea
tasuke_girl: it felt as but a misquito bite
tasuke_girl: Naraku, do you wish death apon yourself?
ekmysticgohan1: *Stands still, mouth open, staring*
ekmysticgohan1: Such...strength.......
tasuke_girl: you afraid
tasuke_girl: ???
ekmysticgohan1: *Stumbles backwards* Me...!? AFRAID!? NEVER!? *Makes one last desperate attempt to win by focusing all of his energy into one large beam; fires*
tasuke_girl: hits videl*
ekmysticgohan1: HAHAHAH!
tasuke_girl: what is so funny?
tasuke_girl: smoke and fog suuronds them
ekmysticgohan1: NOOOO...
tasuke_girl: a dark figure walks tword Naraku*
ekmysticgohan1: *Falls to the ground* I BEG FOR YOUR MERCY! PLEASE - SPARE ME!
tasuke_girl: but aren't you just a puppet?
tasuke_girl: or are you REALLY Naraku?
ekmysticgohan1: I swear....I am the real thing....
ekmysticgohan1: ...come closer and find my ancient marking!
tasuke_girl: why beg than?
tasuke_girl: *comes close
ekmysticgohan1: Hmph....INFIDEL! *Puppet Naraku self-destructs, causing a massive explosion*
tasuke_girl: COME BACK COWARD!
tasuke_girl: *Powers down to human form
ekmysticgohan1: *Comes up from under the rubble* Whoa...that was big...
tasuke_girl: I would like it for him to just come out and fight me
tasuke_girl: Gohan u okay?
ekmysticgohan1: Yeah.
tasuke_girl: *walks over to Gohan*
ekmysticgohan1: How are you?
tasuke_girl: angry
ekmysticgohan1: Why?
tasuke_girl: cause I don't wanna' fight a puppet, I want to FIGHT Naraku
tasuke_girl: or Oni Gumo whatever you want to call him
ekmysticgohan1: You will...in time...
ekmysticgohan1: ...but his puppets are getting stronger...
tasuke_girl: so am I
tasuke_girl: Gohan when you died, I....I
ekmysticgohan1: ...?
tasuke_girl: i can't explain it, my heart froze
tasuke_girl: i was so scared you were never coming back
tasuke_girl: i was so scared you were never coming back
ekmysticgohan1: But...here I am...
tasuke_girl: i know! I am so happy, and relived, because he said I would never see you again
tasuke_girl: and i could NEVER wish you back
ekmysticgohan1: Come on - have a little more faith
ekmysticgohan1: Us Saiyans die hard.
tasuke_girl: yes, but I treid wishing 2wice and it didn't work
ekmysticgohan1: *Hugs Videl* It is ok now...at least for now...
tasuke_girl: i can beat him
tasuke_girl: so can you
ekmysticgohan1: Yes!
tasuke_girl: we can do it gohan, and we will

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Friday, September 12, 2003

   Naraku baaaaaaaaaaaaad!
More As The Saiyan Turns!
Naraku: You have a choice...come with me and be my queen, or I will take Gohan or you little whelp Pan!
Videl: Why should I go with you?
Naraku: Think about it you would be MY queen, we could rule the universe together.
Videl: You don't even love me!
Naraku: What is love?
Videl: A feeling, yuo obviously have none. So what do you want out of me then?
Naraku: Your incredible powers...
Videl: How would YOU use them?
Naraku: Not me YOU WOULD USE THEM!
Videl: I don't care you baka! My heart, and life belongs to Son Gohan!
Naraku: Come now or Pan comes instead.
*Videl runs to Gohan*
You okay?
Gohan: Yes
Videl: I am going with Naraku, if I don't go he will take you...*wink, in her eye says nows our chance* Remember how goku, and vegeta did the double hand Kai blast in Buu's gut?
Gohan: Yes! Lets try it! But a Kamahameha, instead of a kai blast
*Puts Hands on each others*
*Blast Naraku in stomach*Naraku: UUUUUUG! *He is defeated...*
Gohan: Wait Is This A Yukai Puppet [watch inuyasha]?
Naraku: Do you think I would REALLY FIGHT YOU WEAKLINGS [except Videl]
Videl: You have never seen Gohans power
Nor mine, and you won't see it cause I can't release it. because....
Naraku: Your brother Aki? Because of his death! And your mothers death...
Videl: How did you know? About that??? [more background later]
Naraku: Show yourself Aki!
Videl and Gohan: This is what you did to Kohaku isn't it?
Naraku: Yes *evil smile*
To be continued..........

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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

   As the Saiyan Turns
Ekmysticgohan1: Gohan Tasuke_girl:Videl
ekmysticgohan1: *Chuckles evilly* What if I were to tell you I want to rule the universe...?
tasuke_girl: Then could i be you right hand lady
tasuke_girl: we could wish it
ekmysticgohan1: YOU ARE NOT VIDEL. MY VIDEL WOULD NEVER WANT TO RULE THE UNIVERSE. *Blasts a small power beam at "Videl"*
tasuke_girl: ow! I am videl
ekmysticgohan1: LIES
tasuke_girl: i just need you, whatever i HAVE to do to get'cha back
ekmysticgohan1: That was my test! AND YOU FAILED
ekmysticgohan1: Why must you lie, you fiend?!
ekmysticgohan1: REVEAL YOURSELF
tasuke_girl: *LOWERS HEAD* I am videl
tasuke_girl: *runs to his arms* WHY MUST I BE IGNORED
ekmysticgohan1: *Throws Videl away* Because you are NOT my WIFE!
tasuke_girl: *Real Videl is teid up and hopping twards Gohan*
tasuke_girl: I am not! I am Naraku
tasuke_girl: GOHAN HELP ME!
tasuke_girl: HE TEID ME UP!
tasuke_girl: GOHAN, HE TIED UP PAN TOO!
tasuke_girl: *Naraku Changes to real form and kicks videl*
tasuke_girl: OWW!
ekmysticgohan1: *Enters Mystic form and flies toward Naraku*
tasuke_girl: Gohan he has Pan-Chan!
tasuke_girl: Naraku will be in RED videl is in black
tasuke_girl: Yes GRAMPS you think you can beat me?
ekmysticgohan1: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Fires a Masenko blast at Naraku*
tasuke_girl: Gohan! I do have a wishing rock
tasuke_girl: *closes eyes* I wish for Son Gohan to be 23 again!
ekmysticgohan1: *Suddenly, a light of gold surrounds Gohan; time reverts and Gohan becomes young again*
ekmysticgohan1: Hm...I think it is time to get down to business...
ekmysticgohan1: *Grabs Naraku, throws her up into the air, fires off a barrage of energy beams, and tackles her to the floor*
tasuke_girl: Secondly I want this planet not to rely on a leder and that gohan is free to leave
tasuke_girl: HEY I AM A BOY!
ekmysticgohan1: Pah, after I am done with you you will WISH you were a girl!
ekmysticgohan1: *Unleashes a huge Kamehameha wave at Naraku*
tasuke_girl: Videl runs to them touches them both and brings them to earth
tasuke_girl: Gohan sorry we had to get out of there or you will age
tasuke_girl: i gotta get Pan-chan
tasuke_girl: *comes back with tied up Pan*
tasuke_girl: HAHAHAHAHA! You cannot defeat me!
ekmysticgohan1: WHAT!? IMPOSSIBLE!
ekmysticgohan1: *Falls to the ground, exhausted*
tasuke_girl: Gohan?
tasuke_girl: ARE YOU OKAY!?
tasuke_girl: I must beat Naraku then
ekmysticgohan1: Ack...tired...I let go of everything in that last blast...
ekmysticgohan1: ...does this mean..!?
tasuke_girl: [gohan you have to be Naraku, since gohan is down]
tasuke_girl: does this mean what?
ekmysticgohan1: Are you going to go...demon!?
ekmysticgohan1: BAH! NOTHING can defeat my strength! NOTHING!
tasuke_girl: should I go demon?
ekmysticgohan1: No...you cannot!
tasuke_girl: why?
ekmysticgohan1: What if you cannot control it?!
ekmysticgohan1: *Fires 3 quick shots at Gohan, injuring him badly* AHAHAH! Are you going to stand there and chat all day!?
tasuke_girl: *turns around* Leave MY Gohan alone
ekmysticgohan1: What are YOU going to do, weakling??
tasuke_girl: *goes demon* sorry gohan*
ekmysticgohan1: oohh...pretty colors...TIME TO DIE
tasuke_girl: arent you surprised? I am even STRONGER AND PRETTIER NOW!
tasuke_girl: *Runs twards Naraku, slashes him with claws*
ekmysticgohan1: OOF!
ekmysticgohan1: You little twit! THAT HURT! *Pulls out a long energy blade and slashes at Videl*
tasuke_girl: UG! *FALLS TO GROUND*
ekmysticgohan1: HAH! Stronger!? Your down ALREADY!
tasuke_girl: NOPE: KAMEHAMEHA!
tasuke_girl: *BLASTS HIM*
tasuke_girl: This is NOT sorcery!
ekmysticgohan1: *Erects a shield to hold off the blast*
ekmysticgohan1: *Cackles* WEAKLING!
ekmysticgohan1: *Copies the technique and fires a blast twice as large at Videl*
tasuke_girl: Ha! Like that..............*eyes redden* *stripes appear on face*
ekmysticgohan1: What the...!?
ekmysticgohan1: *Watches as Videl transforms*
ekmysticgohan1: Bah, no matter what you do, it makes ZERO difference!
tasuke_girl: GET OUT OF MY WAY!
ekmysticgohan1: MOVE ME!
tasuke_girl: *Videl runs into Naraku, she butts her head into Naraku's chest, just as Gohan had done to Raditz movig him*
tasuke_girl: throws Countless energy bombs at Naraku
ekmysticgohan1: ACK! OOF! OW!
ekmysticgohan1: *Falls down*
ekmysticgohan1: Nice job...for a weakling...
ekmysticgohan1: ...but I am FAR FROM DONE!
ekmysticgohan1: *Stands and powers up; a dark red glows around Naraku and he begins to grow larger muscles*
tasuke_girl: eeerrrg
tasuke_girl: !
ekmysticgohan1: AHAHHAH! I AM NOW STRONGER!
tasuke_girl: You are so easy
tasuke_girl: No one cares if you are stronger, i have some tricks too
ekmysticgohan1: You think I am only strength!?
ekmysticgohan1: *Grabs Gohan, stabs him with the stronger energy blade, and throws him into a canyon* TAKE THAT!
tasuke_girl: no!
tasuke_girl: *runs to gohan* pops senzu bean into his mouth
tasuke_girl: shoots kamehameha at naraku
ekmysticgohan1: *Uses his new power of ABSORBTION to gain even more power* See? Strength is merely ONE of my assets!
tasuke_girl: !
ekmysticgohan1: Who said energy was the only thing I can use?
ekmysticgohan1: *Runs up to Videl and punches her in the stomach*
tasuke_girl: ug
ekmysticgohan1: Guess this battle has ENDED! HAHAHAHA! Now all I have to do is BLOW UP THE PLANET!
tasuke_girl: slices a hole in Naraku's hand
tasuke_girl: Punches stomach
ekmysticgohan1: A lot of good slicing will do...REGENERATION!
tasuke_girl: I wish Naraku could never regenarate!
ekmysticgohan1: Your wishes are useless!
ekmysticgohan1: ...wait...let us stop...for I have something to ask...
tasuke_girl: what?
ekmysticgohan1: What if I were to offer you the universe? I hold the key to the legendary Book of Uriz. With you as my queen, we could rule! Dump that LOSER of a man you have there!
tasuke_girl: NEVER
tasuke_girl: WHY WOULD U WANT ME?
ekmysticgohan1: Because...you wield such tremendous power...yet you lack the necessary tools to fully RELEASE that power...
tasuke_girl: I will never leave Gohan, I would DIE for him
ekmysticgohan1: Please...think of this...
ekmysticgohan1: You can SAVE him...and your daughter...
ekmysticgohan1: If not, I will be forced to kill them all...
tasuke_girl: how can i save them?
ekmysticgohan1: Join me...as my queen...
tasuke_girl: yu cannot tell me what to do!
ekmysticgohan1: I would not dream to presume as such...
tasuke_girl: why will you take me anyway?
ekmysticgohan1: ...but think about it...Queen Videl - Savior of the Universe!
tasuke_girl: SAVIOR?
tasuke_girl: I LOVE GOHAN
tasuke_girl: ACCEPT IT
ekmysticgohan1: As you wish...PERISH WITH HIM! *Blasts the planet's core*
ekmysticgohan1: Why must you resist!?
tasuke_girl: Why must you ask? WHAT DO YOU WANT?
tasuke_girl: Why must you ask? WHAT DO YOU WANT?
tasuke_girl: Why must you ask? WHAT DO YOU WANT?
ekmysticgohan1: I want...you.
ekmysticgohan1: Accept me and save everyone; deny me and kill everyone.
ekmysticgohan1: I KNOW your secret powers...and how to make them wild - the NECKLACES.
tasuke_girl: ........
ekmysticgohan1: If even one is gone, then the universe will be destroyed by your EXTREME powers...
tasuke_girl: ................
tasuke_girl: I can!
tasuke_girl: Leave me alone *Shoots kai blast y Naraku*
ekmysticgohan1: Really? The Book of Uriz quotes differently...
ekmysticgohan1: *Deflects the blast with a finger*
ekmysticgohan1: Hmph...your powers become weaker...
tasuke_girl: NO THEY DONT
tasuke_girl: STOP TORTURING ME!
ekmysticgohan1: *Fires a quick shot, knocking off on necklace* This is your fate!
ekmysticgohan1: one*
tasuke_girl: necklace regenerates
tasuke_girl: sorry, there is one person who can take this off and he is dead
ekmysticgohan1: Oh really? *Grabs the Book of Uriz and starts reciting an incantation; watches as the necklace degenerates and does not reappear* Let us see now...
tasuke_girl: sorry *regenarates no spell or incantation can take it off of me
ekmysticgohan1: Grrr...
tasuke_girl: there is one person who can take this off and he is dead
tasuke_girl: ...do you want to kill me Naraku?
ekmysticgohan1: Why kill a beautiful creature?
tasuke_girl: well why take off my necklace?
ekmysticgohan1: To show you your TRUE power
ekmysticgohan1: What you have now is a TASTE...
ekmysticgohan1: ...but imagine pure POWER...
ekmysticgohan1: ...THAT is what you contain...
tasuke_girl: i know i HAVE used it
To be continued.......

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